Every item at Grandin Road must meet our standards of quality and value. We seek pieces that display fine craftsmanship and materials built to stand the test of time. These days, too many products are mass manufactured cheaply overseas. We want to champion businesses focused on creating goods meant to last.

We have high standards for customer service too. Our team works hard to give you an excellent experience ordering, shipping, returning, or reaching out for support. Your satisfaction means everything – we stand behind the products we sell.

Part of our quality commitment means environmental responsibility. We use recycled packaging materials when possible and encourage our partners to utilize sustainable practices as well.


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Discovery Through Curation

What makes Grandin Road different starts with our product curation. Our talented team hand selects each and every item we offer using a discerning eye for quality, originality and charm. We search far and wide to discover those special pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else – anything from an embroidered lumbar pillow to an ornate glass terrarium. And we choose products that tell a story through their materials, craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind details. Simply put, if a product doesn’t meet our high standards, it won’t make it onto our site.

Our focus is on curating discoverable moments of serendipity and inspiration as you browse. Maybe it’s coming across a set of hand-cast zinc coral sculptures that remind you of that beach vacation last summer. Or finding a vibrant embroidered quilt that perfectly matches your boho chic aesthetic. We want visiting our site to feel like you’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of beautiful, creative and joy-sparking home goods you can’t wait to make your own.

Small Business at Heart

While Grandin Road has grown into a thriving home goods destination over the years, we still keep the mindset of a small business. Many of the talented artisans who hand make our products are from family-owned companies spanning just a couple of generations. We have direct, long-standing relationships with these artists and take pride in supporting their small businesses by bringing their designs directly to you.

By featuring products from small suppliers, you get access to truly unique designs instead of mass-produced items you’ll find on other sites. And by supporting these artisans, you’re also helping sustain time-honored craftsmanship and family traditions. Your purchases make a bigger impact than you may realize.

Our Commitment to American-Made

In addition to our relationships with talented artisans across the globe, we strongly believe in supporting American-made goods whenever possible. We actively seek out products from US-based designers and manufacturers and proudly feature their works prominently throughout our site.

By choosing American-made products from Grandin Road, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping bolster domestic small businesses and skilled labor markets. And buying goods manufactured closer to home reduces shipping miles and waste as well. It’s a win-win when it comes to getting beautifully crafted items for your home while also supporting ethical commerce.

The Grandin Road Difference

At Grandin Road, we believe comparison shopping matters. While you may find products with similar appearances on other sites, if you look closely at craftsmanship, included features and pricing, you’ll soon discover the Grandin Road difference. We work hard to provide the style you want at a quality and value you can’t find anywhere else.

Take for example our wood furniture collections made from durable responsibly-sourced mango, acacia and mindi woods. detaWe apply multiple hand-finished coats of stain, paints, antiquing and distressing in our American workshops to achieve vintage inspired looks that mimic years of wear. Meanwhile big box retailers like Target and Walmart offer furniture made from cheaper, questionably-sourced woods and veneers that won’t stand the test of time or match the charm.

When browsing our luxury bedding lines, you’ll notice subtle details like french seams, mitered corners and upholstery-weight fabrics you’d expect from high fashion. Yet we offer these premium textiles at just a fraction of the prices other luxury brands charge.

And our talented in-house product designers infuse our exclusive assortment of home accessories and furniture with current trends yet timeless appeal. So while stores like HomeGoods sell one-season throwaway pieces, Grandin Road’s products stay en vogue year after year.

At Grandin Road, our commitment to quality, value and responsible principles applies across all categories. And we pass those unmatched benefits directly on to you. Discover what the Grandin Road difference can mean for your home!

Indulge Your Creativity and Fun As much we love the products we offer, what really defines the Grandin Road experience is the inspiration and creative joy we hope to spark in you. Find a delicate glass terrarium to build your own woodland oasis right on your desktop. Gather an eclectic mix of our handmade ceramic wares to give your kitchen a pop of color. Show off your inner artist by painting your own modern farmhouse-chic furniture piece. Or spread out one of our large artistic area rugs and build your whole room’s palette around it.

Let your inner child come out through our whimsical throw pillows, scented wax melts and cheerful décor items that will make you smile each time you see them.

Follow along on social media where our stylists and creative team share regular home tours, DIY tips, gift guides and videos to further spark your inspiration. We want your home – and heart – overflowing with creativity and joy.

A Company that Cares

While delivering standout products and inspiration is central to our mission, we care about making a difference too. We partner with organizations that help children and families in times of hardship, disaster recovery or medical crisis. Our corporate and warehouse teams regularly participate in outreach events to lift up our local community members.

We also have robust sustainability commitments from our supply chain and operations all the way through delivery of your orders. We carefully evaluate our product materials, manufacturing practices, facilities and partners to reduce environmental impact wherever possible. And we offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping your orders.

As a family-founded and family-led organization, supporting vulnerable communities and building a consciously-minded company has been important to us from day one. We strive to make business decisions that balance purpose, care and profit with the goal of uplifting the lives we touch throughout our commerce.

Our Promise to You

I hope this gives you a glimpse into what makes Grandin Road a special place for finding your next great home treasure. But nothing beats visiting our site yourself to discover items hand picked just for you. Between our commitment to quality products from talented artisans, inspiring you to embrace your creativity, operating as a thoughtful family business and providing exceptional service, I’m confident Grandin Road will exceed your expectations.

I can’t wait for you to uncover your own moment of serendipity that sparks ideas and joy for your home. Thank you for letting Grandin Road become a small part of your life’s journey.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Top Rated

I’ve always had a passion for decorating and making spaces feel like home with special touches and details. After collecting unique home finds over the years from my travels near and far, I decided to open an online shop to share these special pieces I’ve found with others looking to bring some magic into their homes.

Our style is eclectic and charming – we offer a curated collection of furniture, decor and gifts ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. You’ll find special pieces that tell a story, make a statement or just bring a smile. We have classic styles mixed with whimsical details and textures to explore.

I’m always on the hunt at markets, trade shows and boutiques across the world for special pieces that you just can’t find anywhere else. I look for items with craftsmanship, clever designs, rich materials like velvets or exotic woods – things that feel special and capture the eye. I want Grandin Road to be a destination for decor and gifts that can’t be found at just any store.

Unlike most home stores, Grandin Road isn’t focused on mass production or disposable furniture trends. We offer curated, heirloom-quality pieces designed to last for generations. You can expect made-to-order custom furniture, handcrafted decor, and hard-to-find designs that tell a story. My goal is for your new favorite piece to come from Grandin Road!

I always recommend people decorate slowly over time, choosing pieces you really love. Curate your own collection of finds that make you smile. Don’t be afraid to take risks and mix modern with traditional, distressed and polished, ornate and minimal. Layer textures like velvets, woods, metallics and carved details for depth and dimension. Most importantly, choose pieces that reflect your unique personality and style!