BIRDROCK HOME Large Umbrella Stand with Removable Water Tray – Freestanding Iron Holder Organizer for Wet Umbrellas, Walking Canes, and Ski Poles

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Keep Your Entryway Tidy with the Sleek and Sturdy BIRDROCK HOME Umbrella Stand

Tired of dealing with a messy pile of wet umbrellas dripping all over your entryway floor? The BIRDROCK HOME Umbrella Holder Stand is here to help. This versatile freestanding organizer neatly stores umbrellas, walking sticks, canes, and ski poles in one convenient spot.

The stand features a removable plastic water tray that catches drips and slides out for easy emptying. No more spreading puddles around your home! The tray is easy to remove, carry, and dump out. Simply slide it out whenever it gets full.

Built from durable iron, this umbrella holder stand features an all-black powder coated finish that resists rust and corrosion. The compact yet sturdy frame provides a stable base for stashing everything from petite folding umbrellas to hefty golf umbrellas.

With its modern slim profile and understated black color, this stand looks stylish in any contemporary home. The minimalist design blends seamlessly into your existing decor, whether placed near the front door, in the corner of the mudroom, or alongside the coat rack. No more cluttered mess or ugly plastic umbrella stands ruining your beautiful entryway aesthetic.

Store and Organize Wet Items with Ease

The BIRDROCK HOME Umbrella Stand makes it easy to organize a variety of damp or wet items in one convenient storage solution:

– Golf umbrellas
– Folding umbrellas
– Extra long umbrellas
– Walking canes
– Hiking poles
– Ski poles
– Lacrosse sticks
– Pool noodles
– Fishing rods

The stand measures 11.9 inches long, 5.9 inches wide, and 22.9 inches high with a weight of 6 pounds when empty. It easily accommodates standard size umbrellas, canes, and poles. Larger jumbo umbrellas may require a bigger stand.

Durable & Rust-Resistant Construction

Built to last, this stand is constructed from 100% iron and coated in a black powder finish that resists rusting, chipping, and corrosion. It holds up well to the constant splashing and drips from wet umbrellas. The powder coating prevents rust rings from forming at the base.

Thick iron construction gives this stand a sturdy, stable base that prevents tipping. Umbrellas stay securely in place once slotted into the stand.

The convenient, freestanding design allows you to easily move the holder anywhere needed. Place near the front door as a handy landing spot for umbrellas. Or stash in the corner of the garage or mudroom to contain damp gear and accessories.

Compact Size & Removable Tray

The slim profile base can squeeze into tight spaces and small entryways. Measuring just 11.9 inches long and 5.9 inches wide, it tucks neatly against the wall without jutting out. The modern minimalist design seamlessly fits any decor style.

While compact, the stand still provides ample storage for multiple umbrellas, canes, and poles. It can accommodate 4-5 average size umbrellas at once.

The removable plastic tray slides smoothly out the front to make water disposal easy and mess-free. Simply detach the tray, carry it to the sink, and dump out excess water. No need to lug around the entire heavy stand each time you empty it.

The tray also prevents messy drips and spills on surrounding floors and walls. Umbrella water collects conveniently in the tray instead of spreading all over your entryway.

Versatile Storage Solutions

This versatile stand neatly corrals all types of damp, dripping items in your home. Here are some handy storage solutions:

Entryway – Place near front door to store wet umbrellas, canes, and walking sticks. Keep floors dry and tidy.

Mudroom – Contain mucky shoes, boots, raingear, and umbrellas after school or work. Protect floors from dirty water.

Garage/Shed – Stash damp sports gear like golf clubs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, and pool noodles.

Patio/Deck – Keep patio umbrellas upright and organized after windstorms and rain.

Laundry Room – Store wet umbrellas away from laundry appliances and electronics. Prevent water damage.

Bathroom – Corral wet swim gear like goggles, caps, fins, and snorkels. Keep bathroom floors dry.

Backdoor – Catch drips from umbrellas and gardening tools after working outdoors.

Kid’s Room – Organize sports equipment like tennis racquets, baseball bats, hockey sticks, and more.

Home Office – Hold wet umbrellas away from computers and electronics. Prevent water damage to equipment.

Give the Gift of Organization

Searching for a useful housewarming or holiday gift? This space-saving umbrella stand makes a thoughtful present for anyone who needs to corral messy, wet items at home or work.

Its sleek modern design looks beautiful in any contemporary home or office. The all-black color blends into any decor.

Built from durable iron, this stand is built to last for years of heavy use. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

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