Bring Order to Messy Kid and Pet Toys with the Super-Sized Little Hippo XXXL Woven Blanket Basket

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As parents of energetic little ones and furry four-legged friends know all too well, keeping toys neatly stored away can feel like an endless battle. No matter how neatly you organize the playroom or living room at the start of the day, just a few hours of playtime later you’re left facing an explosion of clutter again.

That’s why we created the extra large Little Hippo blanket basket – the ultimate storage solution for corralling kids’ toys, organizing pet items, neatly folding blankets or simply hiding life’s daily messes in a snap.

A Blanket Basket Built for Big Messes

Measuring a whopping 22″ long x 22″ wide x 14″ tall, this oversized woven cotton basket provides ample space to toss in all kinds of odds and ends. Its generous size and sturdy thick rope handles are ideal for managing even the biggest toy and laundry loads.

Toss in stuffed animals, dolls, toy cars, building blocks, balls, books, blankets, and more to keep play areas looking neat. Stop messy pet toys and supplies from taking over your home by designating this giant basket as your pup’s or kitty’s personal storage zone.

Stash extra throw blankets, pillows, slippers, or laundry right in the bedroom or living room. With its attractive two-tone style, this storage basket pulls double-duty as clutter control and décor.

Durable Baskets That Hold Their Shape

Tired of flimsy baskets that sag and deform, leaving you with unsightly lumps and bulges? Our blanket baskets are made extra strong to maintain their handsome rectangular shape over years of regular use.

Thick, double-stitched seams provide exceptional durability so the basket retains its structure when filled to the brim. The tightly woven natural cotton ropes deliver just the right balance of flexibility and firmness.

These baskets bend and flex when needed but never lose their shape. The sturdy rope handles provide a comfortable, secure grip when moving the basket loaded with heavy contents from room to room.

Soft, Family-Safe Cotton Construction

Little Hippo baskets are expertly hand-woven from 100% natural cotton, not synthetic fibers. The soft, breathable cotton ropes ensure safe use around kids and pets. No need to worry about harsh chemicals or materials scratching little hands or paws.

Cotton also provides a cozier, more inviting look and feel than plastic tubs or wire hampers. The neutral two-tone color scheme seamlessly matches any room’s existing style, unlike brightly colored plastic bins.

Scratch-Resistant Design Protects Floors and Walls

Have wood or laminate floors? Love your home’s pristine white walls? With Little Hippo baskets, you don’t have to sacrifice your beautiful living space to store necessities and corral toys.

The woven cotton ropes prevent scratches and scuffs during use. When your energetic toddler drags toys across the floor or curious pup noses the basket around, you can relax knowing your surfaces stay damage-free.

The basket’s gently curved bottom glides smoothly without leaving streaks or smudges. The soft, flexible ropes give just enough to absorb impacts, not transfer them to walls or floors if accidentally bumped.

Decorative Basket Complements All Styles

With their classic woven texture and versatile two-tone coloring, Little Hippo baskets elevate any room’s décor while hiding inevitable clutter. Their clean, neutral design works perfectly for:

Modern homes – Sleek and understated, they align with contemporary minimalism.

Rustic spaces – Natural cotton ropes bring organic texture.

Coastal cottages – Crisp white with grey is reminiscent of sea and sky.

Boho abodes – Effortlessly aligns with eclectic style.

Farmhouse rooms – Timeless woven charm suits country and shabby-chic decors.

Nurseries – Softer and safer than plastic bins for baby’s things.

Wherever you need a decorative yet durable storage solution, these handsome woven baskets lend style and function.

We Stand Behind All Little Hippo Baskets

At Little Hippo, we’re committed to total customer satisfaction. We proudly stand behind the quality craftsmanship of each basket. Our baskets are built to last through years of regular use.

We choose only the finest natural materials and durable construction methods, then back it up with exceptional service. If you’re ever unsatisfied with one of our products, just contact us directly for a replacement.

Join the hundreds of happy Little Hippo customers and see for yourself why customers love our extra-large cotton rope baskets! Just click “Add to Cart” now to get this versatile organizing basket for your home.


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