Bring the Cozy Glow of an Open Flame to Any Room with the HomeBuddy Tabletop Fire Pit

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Add instant ambiance to your indoor or outdoor space with the HomeBuddy Table Top Fire Pit. This mini fireplace features a chic, natural concrete design that blends beautifully into any decor. Safely enjoy the mesmerizing flicker of real open flames for up to 2 hours per use with the long-burning built-in capsule. With its portability and smokeless burn, this tabletop fire pit brings flickering charm anywhere you want a dash of coziness.

Extra-Large Burning Capsule for Long-Lasting Real Fire

At the heart of this indoor tabletop fire pit is an extra-large steel burning capsule that delivers an impressive 2 hours of burn time. Load the capsule with liquid bioethanol fuel and light it to enjoy realistic flames that dance and flicker, creating a gorgeous glow. Bioethanol fuel burns clean without smoke or odor, making it ideal for indoor use. With its long burn time, you’ll get to bask in the soothing ambiance of real fire for your evening’s whole duration, whether indoors enjoying dinner or cuddled up outside.

Stylish and Versatile Concrete Design

Crafted from attractive micro cement, this mini fire pit bowl features a chic gray concrete finish that adds modern farmhouse flair to any room. The smooth, natural concrete design fits right in on coffee and side tables, the patio, the deck or at camping sites. Three short legs lift the fire pit off its surface for safety and air circulation. Compact and lightweight, this tabletop fireplace is easy to position wherever you want a pops of cozy, flickering light. Use it as the centerpiece of your table or simply place it nearby to bask in its welcoming glow.

Burns Clean and Odor-Free for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The smokeless, odorless bioethanol flame makes this mini table top fireplace ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. On the patio or balcony, it adds warmth and an inviting campfire feel. Place it in the living room or bedroom to create a snug reading nook that encourages relaxation. Since it doesn’t emit smoke or fumes, you can safely enjoy this indoor fire pit bowl in any room of the house without unwanted odors lingering later. Its clean-burning flame gives you flexibility to utilize its cozy ambiance anywhere.

Safe and Self-Contained for Worry-Free Use

Relax knowing this personal fire pit is designed with safety in mind. The included fire extinguishing sphere instantly snuffs out the flame when dropped in the bowl. The fire burns safely contained within the steel capsule, lifting it off the bowl’s surface. This ensures the concrete bowl doesn’t get hot, so it won’t damage tables underneath. Built-in handles make the fire pit easy to lift and transport. When lit, the fire capsule reaches high temperatures, so let it fully cool before touching it or refueling.

Perfect for S’mores, Fondue and More

Take your tabletop fire pit enjoyment to the next level by making s’mores over the open flame. We even include 50 bamboo roasting sticks for easy marshmallow and hot dog cooking. Try a cheese or chocolate fondue set over the flame for added fun. The fire provides the perfect amount of warmth to keep appetizers toasty without scorching or overcooking them. Gather friends and family around to chat, dine and relax by the hypnotic real fire.

A Unique Housewarming, Wedding or Holiday Gift

Surprise a loved one with the gift of coziness with this indoor tabletop fire pit. Its one-of-a-kind concrete design makes it a great housewarming or wedding gift they’ll use for years. Its portability and unique flame make it a memorable birthday or holiday gift for nearly anyone on your list. Bring thoughtfulness, warmth and a glow of excitement with this handcrafted table fireplace.

With its convenient tabletop size, prolonged 2-hour burn time and clean-burning flame, the HomeBuddy Mini Fire Pit Bowl makes it easy to infuse any room with the magical glow of real fire. This smokeless tabletop fireplace adds cozy ambiance and beautiful flickering flames indoors or outside for any occasion.


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