CAMDEPOSU 32oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars – Pack of 4

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The Perfect Mason Jars for Canning, Fermenting, and Storage

Mason jars are a versatile kitchen staple used for preserving, fermenting, storing, and more. CAMDEPOSU’s 32 oz wide mouth quart jars are ideal for handling large batches of food with their generous capacity and easy-access opening.

These American-made mason jars feature premium thermal-shock resistant glass to withstand freezing, boiling water bath canning, and oven use up to 300°F. The included self-sealing lids provide an airtight closure to keep contents fresh and extend shelf life.

Whether you’re preparing jams and pickles or storing bulk foods like beans and nuts, CAMDEPOSU’s quart jars get the job done! A rubber jar opener is also included to help open tightly sealed jars with ease.

Wide Mouth Design for Versatile Use

The extra wide 3.25 inch opening makes it easy to fill these quart jars with large pieces of fruits, veggies, and other ingredients. Easily add chunks of produce when making salsas, chutneys, and relishes.

The wide mouth also lets you scoop out contents smoothly whether it’s pasta sauce, overnight oats, or bath salts. No need to shake out smaller pieces or reach around with spoons and spatulas.

When fermenting foods like kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut, the wide opening allows you to pack in produce while letting air escape. It also simplifies cleaning and scrubbing compared to narrower jars.

Premium Thermal-Shock Resistant Glass

Constructed from non-porous borosilicate glass, these mason jars can withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking or shattering.

Fill them with boiling water or ladle in piping hot jam from the stovetop – the thermal-shock resistant glass holds up to the rapid temperature change.

You can also conveniently store them in the freezer, refrigerator, or pantry without fear of breakage. Use them in the oven at temperatures up to 300°F.

High-Quality Self-Sealing Lids

Each jar includes a BPA-free metal lid with a self-sealing gasket ring that forms an airtight closure. The lids maintain a tight vacuum seal to maximize freshness and prevent contamination.

No need to heat or process the lids – just fill your jars, tightly secure each lid, and store. The lids work with boiling water canning, refrigerating, freezing, and oven use.

The built-in gasket ensures a leak-proof barrier so you can incubate yogurt and culture ferments like kombucha with confidence.

Reusable Canning Jars

While designed for canning, these versatile quart jars can be used over and over again.

Simply remove the lids, thoroughly wash the jars and bands, replace with new lids, and fill with your next batch of homemade goodies!

The durable glass construction withstands repeated use so you can get many seasons of preserving out of these jars.

Convenient Freezer and Oven Safe

Thanks to the resilient thermal-shock resistant borosilicate glass, these wide mouth jars can go straight from freezer to oven with no risk of cracking.

Remove your frozen beans, soups, or sauces from the freezer and pop the jars directly into a 300°F oven to reheat.

Once cooled, you can wash and reuse the sturdy jars.

Microwave Safe for Reheating

The microwave-safe glass allows you to reheat leftover meals or warm up canned goods directly in the jar – no need to transfer food to a separate container.

Heat up sauces, oatmeal, bone broth, and more with the convenience of the mason jars. The glass won’t leach chemicals or break down.

Let foods cool fully before handling to avoid burns. Do not microwave jars with metal lids.


– Set of 4 x 32oz wide mouth quart mason jars
– Durable thermal-shock resistant glass
– Self-sealing BPA-free lids with gasket
– Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe
– Made in the USA

Tips for Usage

Canning – Sterilize jars and lids before canning. Immerse filled jars in boiling water bath.

Freezing – Let hot foods cool before freezing. Leave 1-inch headspace for expansion.

Fermenting – Keep fermented items like kombucha and kimchi at room temperature. Burp the lids daily.

Reheating – Microwave without lid or transfer jar contents to microwave-safe dish.

We stand behind the quality of our mason jars. If you are not completely satisfied, return them for a replacement or refund. Preserve and store with confidence!


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