Comfy Cubs King Muslin Blanket – Extra Large 108” x 90” Cooling Cotton Blanket for Bedroom & Living Room

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Experience ultimate softness and breathable comfort with the Comfy Cubs King Muslin Blanket. Expertly crafted from 100% natural muslin cotton, this extra large throw blanket provides welcoming warmth without the intense heat of traditional throws. Drape it over your bed, couch, or reading chair to enjoy its gentle 6-layer quilted design and tranquil colors.


100% Muslin Cotton – Made from lightweight and breathable muslin cotton, this blanket offers exceptional comfort and temperature regulation. The open weave allows for increased airflow to keep you cooler.

King Size – 108” x 90” – Generously sized for draping over king beds or large sofas. Provides plenty of coverage for cozying up on the couch for movie nights or relaxing in bed.

Quilted Design – Constructed using a unique 6-layer weaving technique that creates a beautiful quilted pattern. Gives the blanket added depth, texture and visual interest.

Vibrant Dye Colors – Available in a range of attractive dye colors like Sky Blue, Sage, Slate and more to match any bedroom or living room décor. The dyes produce rich, lustrous hues.

Lightweight & Breathable – The loose muslin weave makes this blanket extremely lightweight and breathable. Perfect for warmer weather and preventing overheating or sweating at night.

Soft on Skin – Muslin cotton has a soft, smooth finish that is gentle even on sensitive skin. Provides comfort without irritation. Safe for children and adults alike.

Machine Washable – Fully machine washable for easy care. Tumble dry on low setting to preserve the vibrant colors.

Rich, Vibrant Colors

Available in tranquil pastel hues like Sky Blue, blush pink Lace, earthy green Sage and more, the Comfy Cubs Muslin Blanket adds a pop of color to any room. The organic cotton is specially dyed to achieve beautifully saturated shades that maintain their richness wash after wash. Choose your favorite color to match your existing décor.

Generously Sized

Measuring an impressive 108 x 90 inches, this blanket provides ample coverage for large sofas or oversized beds. No more struggling to get complete coverage with standard size throws. The extra large dimensions allow you to lounge comfortably beneath the blanket without any exposed areas. Curl up underneath for luxurious relaxation and warmth.

Lightweight Breathable Weave

Unlike flannel or traditional quilted blankets that can overheat, the open muslin weave allows for enhanced airflow which helps regulate body temperature. Perfect for enjoying cozy warmth without becoming sweaty or restless. Ideal for warmer weather, children who run hot, and preventing night sweats.

Stylish Quilted Design

Constructed using a specialized 6-layer weaving technique, the muslin cotton blanket has an attractive quilted hexagonal pattern throughout. This gives it added depth and texture for beautiful draping abilities. Enhance the visual flair of any space by adorning sofas, chairs, beds and more with this stylishly designed oversized throw.

Ultimate Softness & Comfort

Sink into plush softness and welcoming comfort whenever you need to relax. The breathable muslin cotton gently drapes over your body, providing soothing warmth without heaviness. Enjoy this extra large throw while reading, watching TV, unwinding in bed, or cozying up by the fireplace on chilly nights.

Easy Care & Durable

Made from natural muslin cotton that is machine washable and dryer safe, this blanket is conveniently easy to care for. The premium construction ensures it will maintain its softness and vibrant colors even after repeated use and washing. A cozy and durable accent piece built to last.

Complements Any Decor

With versatile solid colors that pair nicely with any style, this blanket naturally complements your existing furnishings and accent pieces. Use it to add an extra layer of warmth and texture to bedrooms, living rooms, dens, nurseries, dorms, cabins and more. Available in twin size for kids rooms too.

Experience cloud-like comfort and stylish appeal with the extra large king muslin blanket from Comfy Cubs. Order now to enjoy the special quilted weave, tranquil colors, and ultimate coziness.


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