Delight in DIY with Our Wide Mouth Quart Size Mason Jars (12 Pack) – Ideal Canning Jars for Preserving Your Favorite Foods

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Treat your taste buds to homemade jams, jellies, salsas, sauces, and more with our set of 12 wide mouth quart sized mason jars. Whether you’re a home cook who loves canning or a crafty DIYer, these versatile jars allow you to preserve and create while adding a touch of country charm to your kitchen.

Canning Jars That Seal in Fresh Flavor

The beauty of mason jars lies in their airtight lids and bands that lock in flavor and nutrients for up to 18 months. Our quart jars are specially designed for canning high acid foods like tomatoes, peaches, pickles, relishes, chutneys, and more. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill the jars without making a mess. Ladle sauces, spoon jams, and pack pickles with minimal spilling.

And when you’re ready to enjoy your homemade goods, the wide opening gives you easy access to every last tasty bite. No need to tilt the jar and shake out the contents. Simply remove the band and lid, grab a spoon, and delight your tastebuds!

Durable & Crystal Clear for Visibility

See all the tastes of summer shine through with our clear as glass mason jars! There’s something so appetizing about seeing those homemade mixes of reds, greens, and oranges sealed in a jar.

These jars are just as durable as they are pretty. Made from soda-lime glass, they can withstand boiling water bath canning and the heat of the microwave. Fill them with tomato sauce, pack them with preserved fruits, or even use them to freeze and store desserts.

The glass is thermal shock resistant so you won’t end up with a jar full of shattered dreams – just delicious foods frozen in time.

Measure, Mix, and Bake with Ease

No need for measuring cups when our quart sized mason jars have measurement markers embossed right on the glass. The 32oz capacity makes converting recipes a breeze. Just multiply or divide ingredients to fill your quart jar perfectly.

These jars aren’t just for canning and storage either. Use them to mix and shake dressings and marinades. Whip up pancake batter right in the jar, then pour it onto the griddle. You can even bake cupcakes and muffins right inside the jars – no liners needed!

Built to Preserve Your Canned Creations

The best features of our quart mason jars are the ones you can’t see. The specially designed airtight lids form a vacuum seal that preserves the fresh flavors and textures of your homemade foods.

The flat metal lids feature an elastic sealing compound that molds to the top of the jar when closed. As the jar cools, it contracts and the lid is pulled downward creating a vacuum that prevents air from getting in or escaping. No air means no mold, bacteria, or yeast can grow.

The metal screw bands keep the lids tightly sealed until you’re ready to open. For an added touch, top your sealed jars with our reusable floral and fabric covers.

Open with Ease Each and Every Time

No more struggling to release those stubborn jar lids! Each order comes with a premium jar opening tool that helps you remove lids with minimal effort.

Just center the opener over the lid and squeeze the handles. The rubber coated tips grip the lid so you can open it easily, even with wet hands orweak wrists. No more dumping jars upside down and whacking lids on countertops!

The opener also ensures you get the lids back on tightly. Just squeeze and seal for a reliable, airtight preservation seal.

Preserve and Display with Country Charm

Whether they’re packed with pepper jelly or holding fresh cut flowers, mason jars add old fashioned farmhouse charm to any space. Use them to store cotton balls and q-tips in the bathroom or to hold utensils and tools in the garage.

Decorate with the jars by upcycling them into pendant lights, vases, votive candle holders, and so much more. Let your creativity shine by painting or adding twine, lace, and other embellishments.

With their versatile design and endless uses, our wide mouth quart sized mason jars belong in every home. Preserve the tastes of summer, display dried flowers and herbs, or create one-of-a-kind crafts.

Bring a touch of nostalgia and hometown harvest to your decor all year long.


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