Experience the Beauty of the Universe with the FLEWKEN 12 in 1 Planetarium Galaxy Projector

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Bring the wonders of the cosmos into your home with the FLEWKEN 12 in 1 Planetarium Galaxy Projector. This incredible device projects 12 different realistic scenes from outer space onto your walls and ceiling, immersing you in the breathtaking beauty of the galaxy.

With upgraded projection quality and innovative features, the FLEWKEN Planetarium Galaxy Projector takes home planetariums to the next level. HD images and adjustable focus allow you to fine-tune the projections for maximum clarity and realism. The 360° rotating design completely fills your room with stars, nebulae, and galaxies for a fully immersive experience.

12 Mesmerizing Celestial Scenes

The FLEWKEN Planetarium contains 12 interchangeable slides, each displaying a different celestial view:

  • Galaxy – Swirling star clusters and colorful nebulae
  • Solar System – The sun and planets of our cosmic neighborhood
  • Earth – Our beautiful blue planet floating in space
  • Moon – The cratered surface of Earth’s celestial companion
  • Milky Way – Our magnificent home galaxy in all its glory
  • Andromeda Galaxy – Our neighboring spiral galaxy over 2 million lightyears away
  • NGC4302-NGC4298 – A pair of colliding galaxies
  • Hubble Deep Field – Faint, distant galaxies from humanity’s most powerful space telescope
  • M60–UCD1 – An ultracompact dwarf galaxy orbiting a giant elliptical galaxy
  • North America Nebula – A beautiful interstellar cloud over 2000 lightyears across
  • Mystic Mountain – Nebulae and newly forming stars in the Carina Nebula
  • Small Magellanic Cloud – A dwarf galaxy and Milky Way satellite

With just the press of a button, you can cycle through these scenes to explore the wonders of space from your own bedroom. The realistic HD projections will make you feel like an astronomer gazing through a high-powered telescope.

Soothing Ambiance for Restful Sleep

The FLEWKEN Planetarium Galaxy Projector creates a soothing environment perfect for relaxation and restful sleep. The device projects stars, planets, and nebulae silently without disruptive fans or noise. The slow, hypnotic rotation of the projections has a calming, meditative effect.

You can set a timer for the projector to automatically shut off after 1, 2, or 4 hours. This prevents the lights from shining all night if you fall asleep. The peaceful ambiance helps you unwind in the evenings for a great night’s rest. Kids are often lulled to sleep by the comforting cosmos.

Fully Immersive 360° Projection

Most star projectors only shine lights onto the ceiling. But the FLEWKEN Planetarium was designed for a true planetarium experience right in your home. The projector rotates a full 360° and the proprietary lenses give a wide projection angle. This allows the celestial scenes to be displayed across the entire room – on walls, ceilings, doors, and bed canopies.

You can create a fully immersive environment and feel transported billions of lightyears into the universe. The 360° projection fills your room with the awe-inspiring beauty of outer space. Just lie back and enjoy the show as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters pass overhead.

Adjustable Focus for Crystal Clear Images

Many star projectors suffer from blurry, distorted projections that look unrealistic. The FLEWKEN Planetarium uses advanced optics to generate crystal clear, high-definition images.

A unique focusing head allows you to adjust the projection focus by simply rotating the head until the stars become sharp points of light. Fine-tune the focus for maximum clarity and enjoy razor-sharp views of the moon’s craters, the Milky Way’s spiral arms, and colorful wisps of nebulae.

The realistic projections are so immersive you’ll feel like you’re gazing through a powerful telescope. Discover the beauty of the cosmos in stunning detail.

Creates a Romantic Atmosphere

The dreamy, romantic ambiance created by the FLEWKEN Planetarium is perfect for date nights. Cuddle up with your loved one under the peaceful illumination of distant stars and galaxies.

The transcendent beauty invites conversation about the wonders of the universe. Share childhood dreams about space travel as nebulae waft overhead. A serene background of stars sets the mood for romance and togetherness.

Surprise your partner with this gift of the cosmos and enjoy stargazing in the comfort of home. There’s no better way to spend a romantic evening than nuzzled under the dazzling Milky Way.

Educational STEM Toy for Kids

The immersive cosmic scenes make the FLEWKEN Planetarium an engaging STEM learning tool for children. Kids are fascinated by the scale and beauty of outer space. This star projector brings the galaxy to their bedrooms in vivid detail.

Children will learn to recognize famous celestial objects like Saturn, Jupiter, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Orion Nebula. The realism promotes interest in astronomy, space science, and the natural world. And it provides a mesmerizing backdrop for imaginative play.

The 360° rotation makes it seem like you’re really traveling through space. Budding astronomers will be enthralled and inspired under the dazzling digital stars.

Versatile Uses for Home or Office

The FLEWKEN Planetarium Galaxy Projector isn’t just for the bedroom. It’s suitable for living rooms, playrooms, home theaters, kids’ rooms, dorms, offices, and more.

Create an immersive planetarium experience for movie night. Entertain guests at parties with swirling nebulae and galaxies. Decorate for special occasions like birthdays and holidays with cosmos-themed ambiance.

In offices, the transcendent projections can increase creativity, relaxation, and productivity. The timer allows it to be used for power naps or meditation breaks. Teachers can captivate students with the wonders of space science.

Wherever it’s used, the FLEWKEN Planetarium envelops you in the serene beauty of the stars.

An Inspiring Gift for All Ages

A galaxy projector is a wonderful gift for friends and family. People of all ages will be moved by the majestic beauty of the cosmos.

Kids gain exposure to celestial objects they’ve only read about in books. Couples enhance date nights under romantic starry skies. And parents rediscover the soothing tranquility of a moonlit bedroom.

The FLEWKEN Planetarium Galaxy Projector inspires us all to dream big, ignite our imagination, and reflect on our place in the grand scale of the universe. A thoughtful gift for space lovers of any age.

Bring the magic of the cosmos home with the FLEWKEN 12 in 1 Planetarium Galaxy Projector. With upgraded HD clarity, 360° immersive projections, and realistically detailed scenes of mesmerizing nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters, it’s the most advanced home planetarium experience for amateur astronomers and anyone who dreams of space.


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