Folinstall 1 Gallon Big Mouth Mason Jar – Ultimate Pickling and Canning Glass Jar with Secure Airtight Lid

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Store and Preserve with Ease in These Durable 1 Gallon Jars

Tired of your food going bad before you can enjoy it? With the Folinstall 1 Gallon Big Mouth Mason Jar, you can store, preserve, and display a variety of foods while keeping them fresh for months.

Extra-Thick Glass for Ultimate Durability

At the heart of this 1 gallon mason jar is extra thick glass that provides unbeatable durability and strength. The glass is sturdy enough to withstand drops without shattering and retains its clarity over years of repeated use. Compared to plastic containers that easily crack and stain, this glass jar is built to last.

BPA-Free and Made from Food-Safe Materials

You can have peace of mind knowing this 1 gallon glass jar is constructed from food-safe, BPA-free materials. The jar and lid contain no toxic chemicals that could leach into your food over time. Store anything from dry goods to canned fruits without worry.

Preserve Food with the Air-Tight Lid

An airtight seal is essential for long term food storage, and this mason jar delivers with its secure lid. The lid contains a food-grade silicone seal that keeps air out and freshness in. An extra gasket is included to ensure a tight vacuum seal every time.

Wide Mouth Design for Easy Use

Fill and access the 1 gallon jar quickly and easily thanks to its extra wide mouth measuring 3.3 inches across. The wide opening allows you to pack jars tight with food and makes spooning out ingredients a breeze. No more struggling with small neck bottles!

Display Your Food in Style

Between its clear glass and gallon capacity, this large mason jar is ideal for displaying dry ingredients like flour, sugar, oats, and more. The jar adds a rustic touch to any countertop or shelf. Use it to store homemade kombucha, sun tea, limoncello, pickled eggs, and any food you want showcased.

Endless Uses as a Kitchen Staple

A versatile kitchen essential, this 1 gallon glass jar has limitless uses beyond just food storage. Use it for:

  • Kombucha brewing
  • Infused oils and vinegars
  • DIY projects
  • Cookie jar
  • Housing kitchen utensils
  • Storing dry goods like pasta, grains, and legumes

The options are endless with this multipurpose, 1 gallon jar.

Dishwasher Safe for Fast Cleaning

Keeping this big mouth mason jar sparkling clean is a breeze thanks to its dishwasher safe design. Simply place the jar on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy sanitizing after each use.

The lid is best washed by hand to preserve the silicone seal. Refresh the jar with some warm soapy water and it’s ready to be filled again.

We Stand By Our Products

At Folinstall, we believe in supplying our customers with quality kitchenware that improves everyday life in the kitchen. We back this 1 gallon glass jar with a 1-year warranty and friendly customer service if you have any issues. We want you to have the best experience using our products.

Bring more convenience, versatility, and style to your pantry, countertops, and crafts with the Folinstall 1 Gallon Big Mouth Mason Jar. Its durable glass construction and airtight seal help keep food fresh for months on end.

Order a set today to simplify food storage and unlock more possibilities with this kitchen essential.


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