HIHEGD 13-Inch Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok with Lid – Versatile Restaurant Pro Nonstick Woks for All Stoves

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Discover the versatile cooking possibilities with the HIHEGD 13-Inch Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok. This professional-grade wok is specially designed for fast, even heating and nonstick cooking.

Premium Forged Carbon Steel for Professional Nonstick Performance

The wok features premium high-purity carbon steel forged at over 1000°F for superior heating responsiveness and nonstick release. The sleek black patina coating provides natural nonstick release without chemical coatings. Food releases easily and cleans up fast.

Flat Base Distributes Heat Evenly

With a flat base and tapered sloped sides, this wok offers expanded cooking versatility for all stovetops. The flat base provides secure stability on gas, electric, induction cooktops, even outdoor grills. The sloped sides enable stir-frying traditional recipes or one-pot meals.

Comfortable Stay-Cool Handle

Cook comfortably with the riveted wooden handle that stays cool. The wok handle features a hole for hanging storage to save space. A matching lid with knob seals in heat and flavors.

High Sloped Sides for Professional Wok Performance

This wok features extra high 3.5 inch sloped sides designed for professional-style stir-frying. The rounded bottom efficiently absorbs, distributes, and retains heat. The expanded cooking surface tosses ingredients effortlessly.

Rapid Heating and Control

With exceptional heating responsiveness, the wok heats quickly and cools rapidly for precise temperature control. The carbon steel construction lets you sear meats at high heat or simmer sauces.

Serve Homemade Noodle and Stir Fry Dishes

Now you can prepare sizzling stir fry, Asian noodles, and other classic recipes at home. Use less oil to create healthier versions of takeout favorites. The versatile wok also steams, fries, braises, and boils foods.

Cool-Touch Helper Handle for Secure Control

A riveted helper handle provides a safe grip for pouring sauces or soups. The stainless steel handle stays cool during cooking for secure handling.

Use Less Oil for Healthier Meals

The sloped sides enable easy tossing and flipping. Oil and sauces coat ingredients evenly using less oil than flat pans. Create healthier stir fries and dishes with less oil.

Naturally Nonstick Patina Seasoning

Avoid chemical nonstick coatings with the sleek black patina finish. The natural carbon steel seasoning prevents sticking and allows quick release of foods. Enjoy safely cooking eggs, seafood, vegetables, meats and more.

Oven Safe to 500°F

This versatile wok can start recipes on the stovetop then finish in the oven up to 500°F. Bake, roast, broil, and more. Excellent for one-pot meals.

Complete Wok Cooking Accessories

The set includes a lid, spatula, ladle, stainless steel trivet, and brush for cleaning. Bamboo tongs help toss ingredients. A stainless ring concentrates heat.

Quick Cleanup and Maintenance

Hand wash gently with warm water. Dry thoroughly after each use. Re-season occasionally with oil to refresh the patina. Avoid harsh detergents and abrasives.

Bring restaurant wok performance home with the HIHEGD 13-Inch Carbon Steel Wok. The flat base offers versatile stovetop cooking. The high sloped sides provide professional stir-frying action.


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