Illuminate Your Bathroom in Style with This Versatile Dimmable Bathroom Night Light + Clock

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Tired of stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Bump your shins no more with the Aora Dimmable Bathroom Night Light + Clock 2-Pack. This versatile bathroom lighting solution provides a soft glow to guide your way while displaying the time clearly on an easy-to-read display.

With customizable lighting options, a built-in clock, and energy-efficient design, this dimmable bathroom night light brings together convenient features to enhance your bathroom. Let’s explore why this product will illuminate your bathroom and impress your guests.

Customizable Lighting Brightens Your Bathroom

This dimmable bathroom night light features three soothing lighting color options – 3500K warm white, 4500K natural white, and 6000K daylight. Select the hue that best suits your mood or decor. With the included remote, you can easily adjust the brightness to one of 10 levels without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Wake up naturally with a gradual brightening to full daylight brightness. Or wind down in the evening with a relaxing warm white glow. The lighting flexibility ensures you can create the perfect ambiance for any activity or time of day.

Discreet Clock Displays Time Clearly

No need to search for your phone to check the time when nature calls in the middle of the night. This bathroom night light features an integrated digital clock that clearly displays the hours and minutes. The crisp, bright numbers make telling time easy, even in the dimmest light.

The clock blends seamlessly into the modern and compact rectangular design. During the day, it doubles as wall decor for a clean, sophisticated look. At night, the subtle clock takes a backseat to the soft night light while remaining visible enough to view the time.

Compact Size Fits Any Outlet

This versatile bathroom night light is designed to fit any standard wall outlet without blocking the second socket. Measuring just 2.95 x 1.38 x 1.14 inches, the compact rectangular shape won’t overwhelm your outlets or bathroom decor.

The space-saving design means you can conveniently install this dimmable bathroom night light anywhere you need extra illumination and easy access to the time. Plug into the hallway outside the bathroom to assist middle-of-the-night journeys or next to the sink as a nighttime makeup station. Wherever you need it, this night light squeezes into small spaces.

Modern Design Enhances Bathroom Decor

Tired of dated and oversized bathroom night lights? This product features a contemporary style to match modern bathroom aesthetics. The crisp white rectangle blends into your wall, acting as a decorative accent until the light gently glows on.

Crafted from durable ABS plastic, the moisture-resistant housing is built to withstand the humidity of steamy showers. The clean lines and minimalist housing create an elegant touch to your decor.

Automated Timers Customize Lighting Schedule

Set the mood and save energy without lifting a finger. This dimmable bathroom night light includes two convenient timers:

Sleep Timer: The sleep timer automatically turns the light off after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Wind down comfortably before the light dims out for uninterrupted sleep.

Countdown Timer: The countdown timer turns the light on for 2, 5, or 8 hours before automatically switching off. Set it before dawn to provide ambient lighting for early risers. Or use it for evening bathroom breaks without disrupting your sleep.

The flexible schedules ensure the light is there when you need it and conserve energy when you don’t.

Energy Efficient Formula Saves Money

Conserve power without sacrificing brightness. This night light uses just 0.8 watts while delivering 120 lumens of brilliant yet comfortable light. Using it for 2 hours per day can keep costs at just pennies per month. Plus, the 5V USB charging method avoids energy waste from conversions.

The estimated 10-year lifespan based on 3 hours of daily use means this dimmable bathroom night light will keep your bathroom illuminated for years before needing a replacement. Saving energy saves you money on electricity bills month after month.

Safety Features Provide Peace of Mind

This dimmable bathroom night light prioritizes your family’s safety:

– Flame-retardant ABS housing prevents potential hazards.

– Cool-touch surface remains safe to the touch.

– Auto shut-off prevents overheating.

– Avoid harsh blue wavelengths that disrupt sleep patterns.

Give young children and seniors added security with reliable illumination. The soft glow lights the path without blinding night vision or creating glare.

Simple Installation in Seconds

Stop fumbling with complicated installations. This dimmable bathroom night light comes ready to use right out of the box.

Just plug into any standard 120V outlet, pair the included remote, and start enjoying your new bathroom lighting. No wiring or special tools required.

Place it anywhere you need extra visibility, set your preferred timers, and let this night light do the rest. It couldn’t be easier to improve your bathroom with custom ambient lighting.

Gentle Illumination, Convenient Features

Light up your bathroom and beyond with the versatile Aora Dimmable Bathroom Night Light + Clock. Adjustable lighting colors and brightness settings, integrated digital clock, space-saving design, and handy timers make this an ideal way to illuminate any room.

Ditch the disruptive glare of overhead lighting for a simple solution that adds a warm glow and handy features. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis or provide a safety beam along dark hallways with this bathroom night light today.


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