Illuminate Your Life with TJOY 100 ft LED Strip Lights

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Transform any room in your home with the vibrant, customizable lighting of the TJOY 100 ft LED Strip Lights. With 100 feet of bright, energy-efficient LEDs across 2 rolls, you can surround an entire room in colorful ambiance. The included 44-key remote allows you to choose from 16 million possible colors to set the perfect mood, whether you’re hosting a party, relaxing after work, or celebrating a special occasion.


  • 100 ft total length (2 x 50 ft rolls) – Surround rooms in customized LED lighting
  • RGB SMD5050 LEDs – Produces 16 million color options with vibrant, saturated hues
  • 44-key remote – Easily control color, modes, brightness, and more from across the room
  • 20 color presets – Quick access to favorite colors like warm white, green, blue, and more
  • 8 dynamic modes – Alternate between colors and effects like flash, strobe, and fade
  • 50,000 hour lifespan – Long-lasting LEDs mean years of enjoyment
  • 12V DC power – Low voltage for safe use and easy installation
  • Adhesive backing – Sticks securely to smooth, flat surfaces
  • Cuttable – Trim every 3 LEDs along cut lines to customize length
  • Linkable – Reconnect trimmed strips using connectors (sold separately)

Customizable Ambiance for Any Room

With 100 feet of bright LED strip lights, you can decorate an entire room to match your style and mood. Each strip is outfitted with high-quality SMD5050 RGB LEDs that produce saturated, vivid colors to liven up your space.

Use the included 44-key remote to easily switch between different colors, modes, and brightness levels from the comfort of your couch or bed. Choose from 20 preset static colors like warm white, green, light blue, orange, and more. You can also select 1 of 6 DIY color modes to create your own custom color by adjusting the red, blue, and green values.

If you’re in the mood for something dazzling, switch to one of the 8 dynamic modes like flash, strobe, fade, and smooth to put on a show. The remote makes it simple to control the lighting mood effortlessly.

Hassle-Free Installation in Just Minutes

Installing these LED strip lights is a breeze thanks to the upgraded adhesive backing. Just peel off the protective film and press the lights onto any smooth, flat surface. The strips stick securely without screws, tools, or damage to your walls.

The flexible ribbon design lets you bend the lights around corners or frame windows and doorways. Cut the strip lights along the marked lines to remove sections and achieve your desired length. Reconnect cut sections using 4-pin connectors (sold separately).

A 12V DC power supply keeps the installation safe and simple. Simply plug in the power adapter and connect to the LED light strips to start enjoying your new mood lighting.

Brighten Any Occasion

With multi-color RGB LED strips lights, you can create fun, vibrant backdrops for any occasion. Use warm white light for a cozy meal or gathering. Set red, green, and gold lights for Christmas. Choose flashing colors for Halloween or a dance party. The options are endless!

These LED strip lights add a pop of color and energy to bedrooms. Let your kids choose their favorite hue for their room. Install the lights behind headboards, bed frames, or along the ceiling to set the mood for relaxation. The dimmable remote makes it easy to adjust the brightness as needed.

In living rooms, these LED strips create a stylish accent along shelves, around the TV, or under cabinets. Use calm blue hues for movie nights or crank up the color for lively get-togethers. With so many possibilities, you’ll find new ways to use these lights every day.

Energy Efficiency with Long Lasting LEDs

The LEDs in these strip lights use just a fraction of the energy of incandescent lights, helping you save on electricity costs. Superior quality SMD5050 LEDs provide up to 50,000 hours of use, so you’ll enjoy many years of vibrant lighting.

The included 12V DC power supply allows for safe, low voltage installation. TJOY LED strip lights are designed for indoor use and not waterproof, so avoid using near liquids or in wet areas. With proper indoor use, the adhesive backing and LEDs will provide lasting performance.

For easy, fun lighting customization for any home space or occasion, choose the TJOY 100 ft LED Strip Lights. Transform your home decor with vibrant colors and adjustable brightness to enjoy for years to come.

We Provide 100% Satisfaction Service

At TJOY, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our friendly customer service team is ready to answer any LED strip light questions and provide 100% satisfaction service with quick 24 hour response times. We stand behind our products with a 1 year standard warranty. Bring colorful, customizable lighting to your home starting today!


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