Illuminate Your Space and Charge Wirelessly with the GOLSPARK LED Desk Lamp

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Brighten up your desk or workspace with the GOLSPARK LED Desk Lamp. This versatile lamp provides customizable lighting and wireless phone charging all in one convenient device.

With a flexible gooseneck and adjustable head, you can direct the light exactly where you need it most. The lamp head tilts up to 90 degrees and rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can eliminate shadows and glare while working, reading, or completing tasks.

Customizable Brightness and Color Temperature

Finding the perfect lighting can be difficult, but not with the GOLSPARK Desk Lamp. With its stepless dimming feature, you can adjust the brightness anywhere from 5% to 100% for your ideal light level.

The lamp also offers three different color temperature modes:

– 3000K Warm White – Perfect for relaxing evenings when you want a cozy, inviting glow. This is great for reading or unwinding before bed.

– 4000K Natural White – A bright, neutral light that simulates natural daylight. Use this mode for everyday tasks like working, studying, or hobbies.

– 5000K Daylight White – A cool, energizing light ideal for detailed tasks. Helps keep you alert and focused.

The color modes combined with the dimming allow you to truly customize your lighting experience. Find the perfect setup for any activity or time of day.

Wireless Charging Built Right In

No more fumbling for cords and wrestling with chargers. The GOLSPARK Desk Lamp has a built-in 10W wireless charging pad. Just set your Qi-enabled phone on the base and it will charge quickly and efficiently.

The wireless charging works with most newer Android and Apple smartphones. You can power up your device without cluttering your workspace with cords.

Charge your phone while working on projects or reading. The wireless charging makes it easy to stay powered up so you won’t have to stop to plug in.

Flicker-Free Illumination for Comfort

Staring at a flickering light source can quickly lead to eye strain and headaches. The GOLSPARK Desk Lamp uses high quality LED bulbs and an anti-glare cover to provide stable, flicker-free illumination.

The 56 LED beads distribute light evenly without any buzzing, glare, or distracting flickers. You can use this desk lamp for hours without any eye discomfort or fatigue.

True-to-Life Color Rendering

See colors as they were meant to be seen with the desk lamp’s 90+ color rendering index (CRI). The high CRI provides light that shows colors accurately and naturally.

Lower CRI lights can distort colors, but the GOLSPARK Desk Lamp renders a vivid spectrum. Colors appear richer and more true-to-life under this lamp. It’s ideal for tasks like art, crafts, makeup application, and more.

Generous 800 Lumen Brightness

Don’t strain your eyes trying to see in low lighting. The 8W LEDs in this desk lamp produce 800 lumens of bright, focused light.

The illumination is targeted right where you need it most. The lamp can light up your entire desktop, keyboard, notebook, textbook, and more.

Bright enough for detailed tasks yet still gentle enough for reading before bed. The 800 lumens provide the perfect balance.

Stable Pen Holder to Organize Your Workspace

A cluttered workspace can impede productivity and lead to misplaced items. Keep pens, pencils, and other essentials neatly organized with the built-in pen holder.

Located at the base of the lamp, the holder keeps writing instruments and small supplies within easy reach. One less thing to search for when you need to jot down notes or sign documents.

Modern, Minimalist Design

With its sleek white finish and slender profile, this desk lamp matches any contemporary decor. The minimalist design looks great in home offices, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and more.

The small footprint saves precious real estate on your desk. Place it in a corner to illuminate your work surface without dominating the space.

Safety and Convenience

The GOLSPARK Desk Lamp includes a 5V/3A power adapter designed specifically for the lamp. It is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified, meeting U.S. safety standards.

The lamp is constructed from safe materials and built to last over 30,000 hours of use. Enjoy bright, customized lighting for years to come.

We provide a 36 month warranty and 90 day refund/replacement policy. Contact us through Amazon with any questions or issues – we’re happy to help!

Get the Perfect Light for Any Task

Customizable brightness, adjustable color temperature, built-in wireless charging, and flicker-free lighting – the GOLSPARK LED Desk Lamp has everything you need. Create your ideal lighting environment and streamline phone charging. This versatile lamp will quickly become an essential part of your home or office workspace.


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