Illuminate Your Workspace with KableRika’s Versatile Double Head Desk Lamp

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Banish eyestrain and work in comfort with KableRika’s innovative double head desk lamp. With an extra wide 31.5″ span and 24W of bright, even light, this lamp illuminates your entire desk or workstation. The flexible swing arms and rotatable base allow you to position the light bars exactly where you need them.


Double Head Design: This desk lamp features two adjustable heads with integrated 24W LED bars. Position the heads over monitors, books, crafts, and more to reduce eyestrain and direct light precisely where you need it.

Wide 31.5″ Span: The extra wide double head design provides full coverage lighting for large desks and multi-monitor workstations. Illuminate your entire workspace evenly with no dark spots or shadows.

Flexible Positioning: With a fully adjustable clamp base and 3 damped swing arms per light head, adjust this lamp to any position. Easily mount it on the back of a monitor, side of a desk, or anywhere you need focused task lighting.

4 Brightness Levels: Choose from 4 brightness settings to get the perfect light level for your task. Conserve energy with the eco setting or blast full light when you need maximum illumination.

4 Light Colors: This LED desk lamp allows you to adjust light color as well as brightness. Choose cool white for energizing light, warm white for relaxed ambiance, or try the red or yellow night light modes.

Auto-Dimming: A built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to suit your environment. As natural light changes throughout the day, your lamp adapts to maintain consistent lighting on your workspace.

Flicker-Free Lighting: High CRI LEDs provide constant, diffused lighting that reduces eye fatigue. No more squinting and headaches from flickering lights when reading or working long hours.

30-Minute Timer: The auto-off timer saves energy by shutting off the light after 30 minutes of inactivity. Long press the power button to activate.

Space-Saving Design: The heavy-duty C-clamp and flexible gooseneck allow this lamp to mount just about anywhere while taking up zero desk space. Get the perfect lighting position without blocking monitors or cluttering your workspace.

Illuminate Your Home Office, Craft Room & More

This KableRika double head desk lamp is ideal for any room where you spend hours reading, working on detailed projects, or gazing at screens. The flexible swing arms allow you to position the lights precisely where you need them.

In your home office, use it to illuminate computer monitors and reduce eye fatigue. The clamp frees up valuable desk real estate by mounting on the back of a monitor or side of the desk. Turn on the auto-dimming feature so the lamp automatically adjusts to changing daylight.

Crafters will love using this lamp for sewing, jewelry making, model building, and other intricate work. Position the heads over your project area for bright, focused light. The color modes allow you to adjust light temperature for working on different materials.

In a dorm room, this space-saving lamp frees up room to study and eliminates glare on computer screens. Use the 30-minute timer to turn off the light when you leave the room to prevent waste.

The high CRI LEDs and flicker-free light make this lamp perfect for bedrooms. Reduce eye strain when reading in bed without keeping your partner awake with harsh light.

High Quality & Energy Saving Features

Thoughtful design makes this lamp convenient and easy to use. The power button and lighting controls are on the front of the light bar, right at your fingertips. Settings are changed with the touch of a button.

High quality LEDs prevent flickering and last for decades. This lamp uses 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Heavy duty steel construction and a sturdy c-clamp provide superior stability. The 3 damped flexible arms on each light head stay fixed in position.

At just 5.5 pounds, this lamp is lightweight enough to position with one hand but won’t tip over. The 6 foot power cord gives flexibility for optimal placement.

We Back Our Products With a 3-Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our desk lamps with a 3-year warranty. Our US-based customer service team is ready to help if you have any issues. Just contact us for a replacement or refund.

With flexible positioning, space-saving design, flicker-free lighting, and energy saving features, this desk lamp will provide the perfect illumination for any task. Click Add to Cart now to light up your workspace in style!


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