IMUSA Red Ruby 20-Quart Aluminum Steamer Pot with Glass Lid – Cook Big Batch Meals for the Whole Family

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Steam Up Family Meals and Seafood Bounty in This Extra Large Steamer Pot

Steamed seafood, tamales, veggies, and more are about to become weeknight easy with the IMUSA Red Ruby 20-Quart Aluminum Steamer. This big batch steamer unlocks fast, healthy cooking for the whole family.

Spacious 20-Quart Capacity

The extraordinarily large 20-quart capacity provides plenty of room to steam multiple layers of food at once. Cook up a family feast of lobster, clams, tamales, artichokes, eggs, and more in this steamer. No need for multiple pots and pans.

Aluminum Body Distributes Heat Evenly

Under the stylish ruby red accents lies a 100% aluminum body that heats quickly and evenly. The aluminum material ensures no cold spots develop and food cooks uniformity. Enjoy perfectly steamed dishes every time.

Cool-Touch Handles Stay Safe

Safely transport the loaded 20-quart steamer from stove to table with the cool-touch handles. The soft-grip handles provide a comfortable, slip-free hold even with steam billowing out. Avoid burns while managing this oversized pot.

Steaming Tray Separates Food from Water

A multi-level steaming tray is included to keep all your food elevated above the boiling water. The perforated tray allows steam to rise fully through the layers while keeping food out of the water.

Tempered Glass Lid Locks in Heat

See your food cooking without releasing precious steam and moisture. The shatter-resistant glass lid affixes tightly while the vent controls the steam level.

Vibrant Ruby Red Knob and Handles

Thoughtful design features like the matching ruby red knob and handles make retrieving and managing this steamer pot effortless. The colorful accents also make an eye-catching statement.

Natural Aluminum Finishes Inside and Out

From the durable aluminum walls to the snug-fitting lid, the natural aluminum finishes ensure no coatings ever touch your food.

Quantities for Big Gatherings

Now you can cook up quantities fit for large gatherings all in one batch. Use this steamer to prepare:

  • Seafood boils for a crowd
  • Tamale assembly line
  • Vegetable medleys
  • Meat and veggie dim sum

The options are endless with this high capacity steamer.

Cleans Up Quickly

The aluminum interior wipes clean with ease after use. No staining, scratching, or odors will linger behind.

Bring family-style steaming to your kitchen with the IMUSA Red Ruby 20-Quart Aluminum Steamer Pot. The spacious interior steams layers of food to perfection in minutes.

Order this high capacity steamer today to unlock easy batch cooking for parties, holidays, and every day meals.


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