Jonathan Y Sumak 8×10 ft Gray/White/Black Indoor/Outdoor Kilim Area Rug – Easy-Care Bohemian Style for Patio, Kitchen, Mudroom

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Create a stylish boho-chic look in your indoor or outdoor living space with the Jonathan Y Sumak kilim area rug. This easy-care rug features a Moroccan-inspired geometric diamond pattern in a graphic black, white, and gray color palette. The durable synthetic construction and stain-resistant low pile stand up to high traffic areas including patios, porches, kitchens, hallways, laundry rooms, basements, entryways, and mudrooms.

This versatile neutral rug complements both traditional and contemporary home decor styles. The black, white, and gray palette pairs beautifully with other neutral furniture and decor. The graphic diamond motif adds visual interest and dimension. Use this area rug to define a space, anchor a seating area, or layer over natural fiber carpets for added protection.

Designed for indoor/outdoor use, this synthetic kilim rug is UV stabilized to resist fading. The stain-resistant fibers prevent dirt buildup and allow for easy spot cleaning. Just spray stains with a mild detergent and water solution before rinsing clean with a garden hose. With proper care, this rug will retain its beauty and last for years.

Durable Enough for High Traffic Areas
With its synthetic construction and low 0.31 inch pile height, this versatile rug stands up to dirt, debris, spills, rain, UV rays, and the wear and tear of daily life. The tight, machine-woven construction prevents shedding or unraveling. You can use this kilim rug in your busiest living spaces with confidence it will retain its integrity and appearance over time.

Pet-Friendly Design
Pets can wreak havoc on area rugs, but this indoor/outdoor rug is designed to handle paws, claws, and accidents. The synthetic fibers resist stains, and you can easily spot clean messes by blotting and spraying with mild detergent and water. Frequent vacuuming also helps keep the rug looking fresh.

Neutral Style Matches Any Decor
With its understated geomtric pattern in black, white, and gray, this Jonathan Y rug complements both modern and traditional home styles. Use it to define a sitting area on your covered patio or front porch, or place it in an entryway or living area inside your home. The versatile monochromatic palette acts as a decorating blank slate.

Moisture-Wicking Backing for Outdoor Use
On the back side, this rug features a moisture-wicking fabric backing to allow air and water to pass through instead of getting trapped. This technology allows you to use the rug in covered outdoor areas without worry about mildew or odor buildup.

Machine Woven for Precision and Durability
The rug’s machine woven construction creates a flat, consistent pile height and ensures the fibers remain tightly secured in place. Machine weaving also allows for more intricate designs than hand woven rugs. This kilim’s diamond motif has exact uniformity for a clean, graphic look.

Easy Maintenance
Caring for this indoor/outdoor kilim rug is simple:

– Vacuum regularly to prevent dirt buildup
– Spot clean stains immediately with mild detergent and water
– For deeper cleaning, spray rug with hose and allow to air dry
– Avoid direct high heat like fire pits that may damage fibers

With proper care, your Jonathan Y kilim rug will maintain its beauty and last for many years in any room.


– Pile Height: 0.31 inches
– Material: Synthetic Polypropylene
– Backing: Synthetic latex
– Weave: Machine woven kilim flatweave
– 8 x 10 feet oval dimensions

Experience the look and feel of natural fibers with the practical perks of synthetic construction. This Jonathan Y indoor/outdoor rug brings together style, versatility, and durability. The Bohemian inspired diamond pattern and neutral color palette complement both modern and traditional spaces.

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