Keep Your Entryway Clutter-Free with the ALLWELL SELECT Small Floating Shelf Organizer

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Tired of coming home to a messy pile of keys, mail, sunglasses, and other everyday essentials thrown haphazardly on your entryway table or console? The ALLWELL SELECT Small Floating Shelf Organizer provides a simple and stylish solution to finally get your entryway clutter under control.

Measuring just 12 inches long and barely an inch tall, this compact floating shelf makes itself right at home in any entryway, hallway, or mudroom. Its slim profile ensures it never overwhelms your space or decor. Despite its petite size, the shelf offers plenty of storage with its 3.5 inch depth and integrated hooks. The smooth black finish blends into any color scheme and style, from modern farmhouse to industrial chic.

The Clever Details That Make This Floating Shelf Stand Out

While many floating shelves lack special details, ALLWELL SELECT packed clever functionality into this organizer’s minimalist design. Here’s what makes it such a useful addition for any home:

Integrated Hooks Keep Items Securely In Place

Strategically placed hooks allow you to neatly hang keys, sunglasses, charging cables, dog leashes, and lightweight jewelry. No more digging under a pile of mail to find your missing keys or untangling a mess of necklaces! The hooks keep everything visible and within reach.

Smooth Shelf Surface Doubles Your Storage

In addition to the handy hooks, the smooth wood shelf provides a perfect place to store mail, your wallet or purse, smartphone, daily medication, face masks, and other essentials you grab on your way out the door. The 12 inch width leaves ample room to organize multiple items while keeping them looking neat.

Raised Shelf Profile Prevents Items From Falling Off

Perched just one inch from the wall, the floating organizer prevents stored items from sliding off the back. No more picking up lip balms, ear buds, hair clips, and other small items that have fallen behind furniture.

Minimalist Design Suits Any Décor Style

The clean lines and black finish help this slim organizer blend into any home’s unique style. The shelf makes itself at home in contemporary spaces with its modern simplicity, while also suiting vintage, industrial, farmhouse, or traditional decors.

Declutter Your Entryway in Minutes with This Convenient Shelf

Installing this floating shelf only takes minutes, but it will keep your home looking neat and organized for years to come. Follow these simple steps for a clutter-free entryway:

Step 1: Select the Perfect Placement

Choose an empty wall space in your entryway, hallway, mudroom, or any space by your front door. For optimal use, mount the shelf near eye level. Consider placing it above a console table, bench, or coat hooks.

Step 2: Mark Holes for Screws

Use a pencil to lightly mark the wall on each side of the shelf where you will insert the included screws. Use a level to ensure even placement.

Step 3: Install Shelf

Use a drill to insert the screws into the wall anchors and securely mount the shelf. Make any adjustments to ensure the shelf is level.

Step 4: Style and Organize!

Once mounted, you can start corralling your daily essentials! Pop your mail, keys, and wallet on the shelf, and hang sunglasses or jewelry from the handy hooks. Add a small plant, framed photo, or entryway décor to make this space your own.

Unique Ways to Use This Versatile Floating Shelf

While the ALLWELL SELECT shelf is ideal for entryway organization, its simple styling makes it perfect for any room. Get creative with these unique ideas:

Bathroom Shelf for Toiletries

Keep cotton swabs, facial tissue, perfume, soap, and other bathroom necessities organized yet hidden away behind your favorite decor.

Bedroom Shelf for Glasses and Books

Stash your smartphone, alarm clock, reading glasses, and latest book on this bedroom shelf for a minimalist nightstand alternative.

Office Shelf for Supplies

In your home office or any work space, use the shelf to store small office supplies like pens, clamps, and erasers.

Kitchen or Bar Shelf for Spices

Mount this slim shelf inside a cabinet door to neatly line up spice jars. Or place it above your bar cart to display bitters and cocktail garnishes.

Garage Shelf for Outdoor Gear

Keep car keys, pet leashes, and sports gear organized right by the garage entry, protected from garage floor grime.

Experience the Joy of an Organized Entryway

With its clever design and versatility, the ALLWELL SELECT floating shelf organizer eliminates entryway chaos. No more misplaced essentials thanks to the convenient hooks and smooth shelf.

Friends and family will compliment your clutter-free space, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief each time you come home to a tidy, welcoming entry. Simply mount this slim organizer on any wall and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a home that’s neat, organized, and beautifully designed.


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