Keep Your Espresso Station Neat with the Knock Box Espresso Dump Bin

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Specialized Espresso Machine Accessory for Home Baristas

Get the most out of your espresso setup with the Knock Box espresso dump bin, designed specifically as an accessory for espresso machines. As a home barista, you need a convenient place to knock out used coffee grounds right on your countertop workspace. This 4.5-inch knock box is the perfect size and shape to keep by your espresso maker for quick and easy grounds disposal.

The inclined shape and centered bar allow you to efficiently knock out coffee pucks without making a mess near your machine. This keeps your espresso station cleaner and more organized for crafting café-quality drinks at home.

Durable Construction Built to Last

Built to stand up to daily use, the Knock Box espresso dump bin is made from sturdy ABS plastic with smooth, polished edges. The included knock bar has a flexible rubber coating with a strong steel core to withstand regular grounds knocking without bending or losing its shape.

Deeply carved notches on the sides keep the bar securely in place within the bin. This heavy-duty construction allows the knock box to maintain its structural integrity over many years of coffee making. The durability also prevents grounds from escaping over the edges after repeated knocking.

Removes for Easy Cleaning

To keep your knock box hygienic for handling coffee grounds, all components are designed for quick cleaning. The knock bar easily lifts out of its notches for fast rinsing. The smooth inner surface simply needs a wipe down with a wet cloth or can be placed right in the dishwasher.

Having a clean dump bin prevents leftover grounds and oils from building up. You can maintain the knock box after each use or place a small trash bag inside that can be changed out as needed. Keeping the accessory clean improves the longevity and functionality.

Noise-Reducing Design

Knocking out espresso pucks directly into a bin makes a loud, jarring noise that can disrupt your morning coffee routine. The Knock Box features a shock-absorbing rubber bar coating that dampens the sound when you knock out grounds. This allows you to dump used pucks quietly without disturbing roommates or family members.

Anti-Slip Base Protects Countertops

The base of the knock box has an anti-slip rubber pad to prevent the accessory from shifting on your countertop. This keeps the box steady while you knock grounds out forcefully. The rubber bottom also protects your counters from getting scratched or dented during use.

Perfect Size for Espresso Machines

Sized just right for home espresso making, the 4.5-inch diameter knock box provides a compact footprint that sits neatly next to your machine. The angled front measures 3.5 inches tall to prevent splashing while still allowing sufficient grounds capacity before needing to empty.

The higher 4.7-inch back rail enables the bin to hold ample used coffee grinds so you don’t have to stop to empty it out frequently when making multiple drinks. This makes the workflow more efficient.

Enhance Your Home Barista Experience

Bring café-style convenience to your home espresso station with the Knock Box espresso dump bin. Knocking out grounds directly into this accessory keeps your counter space tidy and organized for crafting delicious espresso drinks.

The specialized barista tool improves your espresso-making workstation with its smart compact size, durable build, and easy knock operation.

Shop Now to Upgrade Your Home Coffee Bar

Bring professional coffee house function and flair to your own kitchen with this must-have espresso machine accessory. Order the Knock Box dump bin today to keep your home espresso routine neater and streamlined.


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