Maximize Bathroom Storage and Organization with the 2 Tier Slide Out Organizer with Dividers from MintFinds

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Tired of cluttered counters and cabinets full of a disorganized mess of toiletries and bathroom essentials? Struggling with small spaces and not enough storage options? The 2 tier slide out organizer drawer from MintFinds is here to help. This space-saving storage solution instantly organizes your sink cabinets and bathroom drawers for fast access to all your daily necessities.

With adjustable dividers, two slide-out trays, and a slim design, this clear plastic organizer has a place for everything. Toothbrushes, skincare products, hair tools, medications, and more all have a home, keeping your most-used items within easy reach. Stack two or more organizers to maximize your bathroom’s storage potential.

Customizable Dividers Keep Everything In Its Place

The two-tier organizer features three removable dividers in each tray. Configure the compartments to store items of various sizes and group like products together. Dividers prevent items from toppling over and mixing together, eliminating messy rummaging.

Create sections for toothbrushes, lotions, cosmetics, first aid supplies, and any other bathroom necessities. Adjust the dividers anytime to accommodate changing storage needs.

Smooth Slide Out Trays Bring Storage To You

Built-in handles allow you to slide each clear plastic tray completely out of the cabinet with ease. No more digging to the back of dark cabinets and cluttered drawers. The slide out design provides instant visibility and access to all your organised contents.

The plastic trays extend nearly halfway while remaining securely on the tracked rails, making cleaning the organizer quick and effortless. Slide them out individually or together to optimize your storage space.

Space-Saving Size Designed For Versatile Use

Measuring 11.5 x 7.4 x 10.8 inches, this organizers slim profile is sized to fit most standard sink vanities, bathroom drawers, and kitchen cabinets. The relatively compact design can be tucked into tight spaces and narrow corners.

Mount it horizontally, vertically, or stack two units to double your storage capacity. Use one in the bathroom and another under the kitchen sink to organize cleaning supplies. The contemporary clear look coordinates with any decor.

High Quality Construction Built To Last

Expertly constructed from shatter-resistant plastic, this organizer is made to withstand everyday use. The clear acrylic material enables easy viewing of contents without needing to open doors and drawers.

Stainless steel side rails provide smooth gliding and prevent the trays from slipping off track. Non-slip feet on the base prevent sliding and protect your cabinet floors. Durable materials and reliable performance keep this organizer neatly organizing for years.

Get The Most Out Of Your Bathroom Storage

Maximize the storage potential of your bathroom with the space-saving slide out organizer from MintFinds. Adjustable dividers, smooth-gliding trays, and a compact fitted size make this the ideal storage solution for any cramped bathroom. Regain order and easy access to toiletries and essentials with this quality constructed organizer.


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