Orbit 10360 Flex Mist Stand – Customizable Cooling For Outdoor Fun

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Beat the heat this summer with the Orbit 10360 Flex Cobra Portable Mist Stand. This flexible and customizable misting stand connects to any standard outdoor hose to provide cooling relief on even the hottest days.

With an adjustable height from 33 inches up to 74 inches, the Orbit Flex Mist Stand can be manipulated to fit a variety of spaces. Bend and twist the pliable tubing to place the mist exactly where you want it. Set it up on the patio to create a refreshing oasis for dining al fresco. Position it over the grill to keep the chef cool while manning the barbecue. Bring it to the park or beach to stay chill while playing outdoor games. Wherever you need a cooling respite, the Flex Mist Stand can deliver.

Three interchangeable nozzle heads allow you to customize the spray for light, gentle misting or more robust cooling power. The decorative flower misting head adds a touch of fun and whimsy, perfect for backyard gatherings and play areas. Young and old will enjoy running through the cooling floral mist on hot afternoons.

The Flex Mist Stand provides an impressive 20°F of cooling power. Its adjustable spray reaches up to 15 feet in diameter, so the whole family can enjoy refreshment together. The water reservoir holds 1.3 gallons, enough to run continuously for 3 hours.

When playtime is over, the lightweight Flex Mist Stand collapses down for compact storage. No assembly is required – simply connect to your hose whenever you want to deploy it.


  • Provides up to 20°F of cooling through refreshing mist spray
  • Adjustable height from 33″ to 74″ to customize placement
  • Pliable tubing can be bent to fit any space
  • Three nozzle heads (including decorative floral mist) for customized spray
  • 15′ misting diameter reaches multiple people
  • 1.3 gallon reservoir runs continuously for 3 hours
  • Portable and collapsible for easy use and storage
  • Connects to any standard 3/4″ outdoor hose
  • No assembly required

Customizable Cooling For All Your Hot Weather Activities

The Orbit Flex Mist Stand keeps you chill while you grill. Its adjustable arm allows you to position the mist right over your barbecue station, cooling the chef while meat sizzles on the grill. No more sweating over a hot flame! The floral mist nozzle adds a decorative touch that’s perfect for backyard barbecues and patio dining.

Entertain with cooling comfort! The mist stand’s flexible arm makes it easy to set up refreshing relief wherever your party guests are gathered. Bend it around seating areas on the patio or deck so everyone can enjoy a light cooling mist. The three nozzle options allow you to adjust the spray for gentle ambiance or more powerful cooling.

Take it to the park or beach to stay cool while playing. The Flex Mist Stand sets up in seconds to create an impromptu oasis wherever you need it. The kids will love running and jumping through the floral mist on hot afternoons. Its portability and quick setup let you transport refreshing relief wherever your family fun takes you.

Beat The Heat With Customizable, Powerful Misting

Don’t let the summer heat put a damper on your outdoor fun. With the Orbit Flex Mist Stand, you can customize cooling relief to match any activity. Its adjustable arm reaches up to 74 inches, bending to fit any space. Three misting nozzles let you control spray power. The flower mist head adds decorative delight.

The Flex Stand’s 1.3 gallon capacity produces refreshing cool mist for 3 continuous hours. Its 15 foot mist diameter means the whole family can enjoy cooling relief together. When playtime is over, the lightweight stand collapses down for compact storage.

With powerful adjustable misting, customizable placement, and portability, the Orbit Flex Mist Stand is the ultimate summer necessity. Keep it on hand for barbecue dinners, family playtime, or anytime the heat threatens to ruin your outdoor plans. This summer, beat the heat with customizable, refreshing cooling from the Flex Stand’s powerful mist!


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