Poemoon 24in 3-Color LED Chandelier – Modern Luxury Lighting for Dining Room, Bedroom, and More

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Illuminate your home in refined elegance with the Poemoon 24in crystal chandelier. Featuring a dazzling arrangement of clear K9 crystal bars in a graceful floral shape, this modern lighting fixture brings a touch of luxury to dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and beyond.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

At the heart of this chandelier is a gleaming chrome-finished stainless steel frame with a clean, contemporary look. The frame holds dozens of delicate, dangling crystal bars meticulously arranged in an eye-catching floral silhouette spanning 24 inches wide. With a maximum height of 69 inches when fully extended, this chandelier makes a dramatic statement suspended above kitchen islands, dining room tables, and more.

Customizable LED Light

Integrated LED lighting allows you to customize the light to match your mood or activity. Use the included remote control to adjust the color temperature from a warm 3000K up to a cool 6500K. Low light is perfect for a romantic dinner or relaxed evening, while bright, cool light keeps you alert and focused on family gatherings or homework time. The remote also lets you dim the light down to 1% brightness.

Convenient Features

With the remote control, you can turn the chandelier on/off, adjust brightness, set timers, and use the convenient night light mode. The night light feature keeps a soft glow that’s ideal for midnight trips to the bathroom or nursery. Set the 30/60 minute timer if you want the light to automatically turn off after a certain time.

Durable Quality

The solid steel frame provides durability you can rely on for years of daily use. K9 crystal is lead-free and more resistant to flaws and scratches than cheaper glass options. All the electrical components meet strict safety standards for worry-free use.

Matches Any Decor Style

With its versatile modern design, this chandelier fits right into contemporary, transitional, industrial, minimalist, or glam spaces. Use it to elevate formal dining rooms as well as casual kitchens and entryways. It makes an elegant statement in master bedrooms and living rooms too.

Easy Installation

Installation is simple with the included mounting hardware and adjustable pendant cords that allow you to customize the height. Just use the included crystal hooks to hang each crystal bar for quick assembly. Dimmable wiring means it works with most standard wall dimmers.

Premium Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Your order includes extra replacement crystal bars and accessories in case any are damaged during shipping. If you have any issues or questions, contact Poemoon’s friendly customer service team for prompt support.

With its dazzling crystal strands and customizable LED lighting, this exquisite chandelier takes your home decor to new heights of style. Order the Poemoon 24in crystal chandelier today to illuminate any room with a touch of contemporary luxury.


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