Pyrex 7402-PC 7-Cup Turquoise Plastic Food Storage Lid Made in USA – 4 Pack

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Keep Food Fresh and Prevent Spills with Durable, Leak-Proof Lids

Unlock the secret to flawless food storage with the Pyrex 7402-PC lid 4-pack. These 7-cup round turquoise lids fit snugly onto your Pyrex glass and plastic containers to provide an airtight seal that locks in freshness and prevents leaks, spills and bugs from getting into your leftovers and ingredients.

Made in the USA from Durable BPA-Free Plastic

Pyrex lids are made in the USA from durable BPA-free plastic that can withstand frequent use without warping, staining or retaining odors. The flexible turquoise lids create a tight seal on Pyrex glass and plastic bowls so you can store, stack and transport foods safely.

Fits 7-Cup Pyrex Storage Bowls and Containers

These round 7-cup lids are made to fit Pyrex 7-cup glass and plastic containers. Check your container bottom for the Pyrex logo and model number to ensure the proper fit before purchasing. The lid and bowl model numbers must match for ideal use.

Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

Pyrex lids go wherever your food goes. You can safely use them in the microwave when reheating foods, in the freezer for long-term storage and even in the dishwasher for fast and easy cleanup. The BPA-free plastic is durable enough for daily use.

Keep Food Fresh Longer

Minimize food waste and save money by keeping leftovers and ingredients fresh longer. The airtight seal locks in freshness so foods stay delicious and nutritious. Use Pyrex lids on containers of garden produce, baked goods, leftovers, bulk ingredients like flour and sugar and more.

Pyrex Quality You Can Trust

Pyrex glassware has been trusted by home cooks since 1915. The brand was founded 100 years ago to create durable cookware that could withstand temperature changes without breaking or warping. Today, the Pyrex name still represents innovative, high-quality glass and plastic products designed for any busy kitchen.

Convenient Storage and Meal Prep

Use Pyrex storage containers with lids to pack homemade lunches, store prepped ingredients, transport food to potlucks and picnics, save leftovers and more. The plastic lids make storage containers easy to stack and organize in cabinets or the fridge.

interchangeable Lids and Bases

One of the best things about Pyrex is the interchangeable lids and bases. Lids from the same size container are interchangeable, so you can mix and match colors. Bases are interchangeable too, so you can keep using the same lids even if a bowl breaks. Build your perfect Pyrex storage system by choosing your favorite lid and base colors.

Microwave and Oven Safe

When you’re ready to reheat, you can keep the Pyrex lid on in the microwave for splatter-free, convenient cooking. Pyrex glass bakeware is even oven safe, so you can bake and reheat easily.

Dishwasher Safe

After cooking and eating, cleanup is fast. Both plastic lids and glass Pyrex containers are top-rack dishwasher safe to help you get the kitchen cleaned up in a flash. The durable materials easily withstand frequent washing.

Improved Freshness

BPA-free plastic and thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass keep air and moisture out better than inferior materials. Foods stay fresh for days when sealed and stored in Pyrex.

Stylish Color Options

The turquoise plastic lids add a pop of color to any kitchen. Mix and match the colors with Pyrex container bases in turquoise, blue, green, red, orange, yellow and more. Build a customize nesting set you love.

Keep Food Fresh and Save Money with Pyrex

Stop wasting leftovers, produce and ingredients due to spoilage and air exposure. Pyrex storage solutions allow you to save money and eat healthier by keeping foods fresh for longer right at home. The airtight plastic lids create a reliable seal you can trust to lock in flavor and nutrients.


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