Radiate Sweet Dreams and Positive Vibes with the Mystical Black Moon Dream Catcher

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Surround yourself in peaceful, calming energy with the beautifully crafted Black Moon Dream Catcher. Inspired by Native American traditions, dream catchers are believed to filter dreams as you sleep. This handmade moon design harnesses mystical powers to trap nightmares and negative energy while allowing good dreams and luck to float gently through.

The intricate web pattern is expertly woven from durable, natural fibers into a sacred circular shape representing unity and wholeness. Dangling natural stone beads, delicate mini feathers, and shiny accent tassels further enhance the cryptic vibes. At the center, an embossed crescent moon symbol glows brightly, shedding auspicious lunar energy over your space.

Measuring approximately 12 inches in diameter, this impressive black moon dream catcher makes a stunning decorative accent whether hung on the wall, in a window, over a bed, or anywhere you want to invite harmony. The included adhesive makes installing quick and easy.

As an added bonus, this dreamcatcher comes complete with a pliable LED string light. Easily twisted around the woven web, the lights cast a warm moonglow to fully activate the mystical aura. The handy attached switch allows you to manually turn the LEDs on to enjoy the ambient glow or off for daylight subtlety.

Much more than a beautiful wall decoration, this black moon dream catcher radiates spiritual meaning and protective powers. According to Legend, the intricate web diffuses bad dreams and traps negative energy so only positivity can flow through. Before sleep, take a moment to get centered under its serene light. Wake refreshed, renewed, and inspired.

This moon dreamcatcher makes a thoughtful, unique gift for any occasion. Surprise a friend moving to a new home, congratulate a graduate starting a new chapter, or celebrate newlyweds entering married life. The peaceful vibe promotes tranquility and aligns perfectly with teachings about balance and wellbeing.

Choose the handcrafted black moon dream catcher infused with ancient mystic wonder to instill your space with luck, pleasant dreams, and positive energy!

Product Details

– Intricately hand woven web with dangling beads, feathers, and tassels
– 12 inch diameter pure natural materials
– Embossed crescent moon centerpiece
– Includes adhesive strip for wall mounting
– Features flexible LED string light to accentuate moon glow
– Light includes attached switch to manually control on and off
– Inspired by Native American legends and mythology
– Ideal for living room, bedroom, dorm, baby nursery, studio, spa, and more
– Thoughtful, meaningful gift idea for housewarmings, birthdays, graduations
– Promotes harmony, pleasant dreams, good fortune, and positive energy


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