Rivokeer Enchanted Willow Vine Lights – Bring Magical Ambiance to Any Space with These Remote Controlled LED Vines

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Escape to a magical realm with the Rivokeer Enchanted Willow Vine Lights. These realistic-looking 9.5 foot vines are decorated with 160 warm white LED lights to infuse any space with an ethereal ambiance. Whether draped along your wall, wrapped around a bannister, or cascading off a shelf, these flexible vines allow you to easily create an enchanted wonderland in your home.

With the included remote control, you can conveniently turn the willow vine lights on and off without having to fuss with any cords. Adjust between 8 different lighting modes like steady on, slow fade, chasing/flash, or twinkle to set the perfect mood. Use the built-in timer function to schedule the lights to turn on automatically for 6 hours each day. With the 4 level dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs and preferences.

What truly sets these LED vine lights apart is the ultra-realistic details. Each individual stem and leaf is carefully crafted to mimic the organic asymmetrical shape and texture of living vines and leaves. The dense foliage and winding stems look as if they came straight from a secret garden, casting an intricate interplay of light and shadow on your walls.

Design Your Own Dreamy Decorscape

With 9.5 feet of flexible vine to work with, let your creativity run wild dreaming up new decorating ideas. Drape them along a blank wall for an instant magical mural, or wrap them around door frames or table legs for a faux birch tree effect. For stairs, bannisters, headboards, and mantles, these pliable vines allow you to shape and contour them however you like for a custom built-in look.

Accent the vines with fairy lights, paper flowers, photos, artwork, or other decor to create a complete enchanted scene. The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination to design a glistening magical willow tree, a romantic English cottage accent, or a whimsical woodland hideaway – whatever vignette speaks to your personal style and inner childlike wonder.

Easy Installation with Supplied Clips & Tape

Installing your new willowy vine lights is a breeze with the inclusion of 20 adjustable clips and lengths of strong double-sided tape. The clips feature protective silicone sleeves to prevent any scraping or damage to surfaces. Simply use the clips and tape to affix the lighting vines directly onto walls, furniture, railings, cabinets, headboards, and more.

No need to deal with nails, screws, or hooks. The provided adhesive solutions allow you to decorate with these realistic vines without putting any holes in your walls or furniture. Easily remove and reposition the self-adhesive clips and tape whenever you want to change up your display.

Plug & Play with 10ft Lead

With a 10 foot power cord lead, you can easily connect these LED hanging vines to any standard outlet and enjoy their magical glow. No special wiring or outlet needed!

The included waterproof transformer allows both indoor and covered outdoor use. As long as the transformer stays dry, you can bring a bit of woodland enchantment to your patio, gazebo, or front porch.

Between the lengthy power cord, dimming capabilities, and timer function, operation is hassle-free. Simply plug them in, shape the flexible willow branches, and let the ambiance begin.

Vines That Work Year-Round

These authentic-looking permanent botanicals allow you to enjoy a flourishing indoor garden all year long. Free from seasonal allergies, bug infestations, or watering and maintenance, these lifelike vines will thrive eternally.

Willow branches and leaves are so versatile that they work beautifully regardless of the season or holiday. In spring, they evoke growth and new beginnings. Summer brings to mind lazy days relaxing beneath a shady tree. Fall feels like a woodland walk beneath changing leaves. Winter becomes a sparkling frost-covered wonderland.

Birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, romantic evenings, or just everyday relaxing – these LED hanging vines set the stage for special moments and everyday joy. Their natural style blends well with boho, farmhouse, whimsical, and vintage decors.

Experience the Magic for Yourself!

With their realistically organic sculpting, warm lighting, handheld remote adjustments, and easy installation, the Rivokeer Enchanted Willow Vine Lights make it effortless to infuse any living space with a touch of magic. Dress up your home in these gorgeously lifelike vines and experience their beauty and wonder for yourself.


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