RORIANO Set of 2 Modern Coastal Table Lamps with USB Ports, Rustic Resin Touch Bedside Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room

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Illuminate your home in elegant style with the RORIANO Set of 2 Modern Coastal Table Lamps. Featuring a contemporary minimalist design inspired by natural marble texture, these rustic resin lamps add a touch of elegance to any space.

The lamp body has a hand-painted marble finish, so each lamp has its own unique appearance with striking stone-like detailing. The neutral colors blend seamlessly into coastal, farmhouse, or modern decor. Brushed nickel accents on the base and neck provide a hint of metallic shine.

These table lamps come as a set of two, perfect for placing on either side of your bed or flanking a living room sofa. The rectangular fabric shades diffuse light gently for a soft, cozy glow.

One of the highlights of the RORIANO table lamps is the versatile 3-way touch-control dimming. Just tap the metal base anywhere to cycle through low, medium and high brightness settings. This makes it easy to adjust the lighting to your needs, from a faint nightlight glow for sleeping to full brightness for reading or working.

For added convenience, each lamp has dual USB charging ports built into the base. Charge up to two devices at once, like your phone, tablet, e-reader or headphones. The USB ports deliver 2.1A current for fast charging that continues even when the light is off.

No more scrambling for chargers or rotating which device gets to charge! The USB charging ports on these bedside lamps keep your essential electronics powered up and within arm’s reach.

The set includes two integrated LED light bulbs so you can start enjoying your new table lamps straight out of the box. LED bulbs last over 25,000 hours for minimal maintenance. They light up instantly without flickering and emit a warm 2700K white light, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. The energy-efficient LEDs use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

With their contemporary yet timeless design and convenient touch-control dimming and USB charging, the RORIANO Modern Coastal Table Lamps are an elegant and functional addition to your home. Display them as a set on either side of your bed as stylish and practical bedside lamps. Or flank a sofa or armchairs to illuminate your living room or lounge in a warm welcoming glow.

The hand-painted resin lamp body with marble detailing and fabric rectangular shade work well with a variety of home decor styles. Their understated look fits right into minimalist, modern, contemporary, coastal, farmhouse, rustic or traditional settings.

Brighten up your home decor while enjoying enhanced functionality with these statement-making yet versatile table lamps. The RORIANO Modern Coastal Lamps create the perfect ambiance for any room.

Product Details:

– Set includes 2 table lamps with integrated LED bulbs

– Lamp body made of resin with hand-painted marble finish

– Brushed nickel accents on base and neck

– Rectangular fabric shade for diffused illumination

– 3-way touch control dimming (low, medium, high settings)

– Dual USB charging ports (2.1A total output)

– Integrated LED bulbs included (2700K warm white)

– Contemporary design fits with various decor styles

– Ideal for bedrooms, living room, study & more

– Easy assembly required

Set Your Space Aglow with Beautiful, Functional Lighting

The RORIANO Set of 2 Modern Coastal Table Lamps elevates any space with eye-catching style and handy features. The uniquely painted resin base imitates natural marble – no two lamps look exactly alike.

Touch anywhere on the metal base to dim through 3 customizable brightness settings. The convenient USB charging ports keep devices powered up and within reach. Warm LED light creates the perfect cozy ambiance for an inviting living room, bedroom or lounge area.

Contemporary Design, Classic Versatility

Inspired by the intricate patters and neutral hues of marble, these modern table lamps feature a hand-painted resin base and brushed nickel accents. The coastal-inspired color palette and understated silhouette suit various home design aesthetics from modern to rustic.

Display the matching set together on side tables or divide them on separate surfaces. Their adaptable style fits right in to complement your existing decor.

Customizable Touch-Control Dimming

Uniquely designed with 3-way touch-control dimming, the RORIANO table lamps allow you to easily adjust the brightness to suit any activity or ambiance.

Tap the metal base once for a soft glow perfect for winding down at night. Double tap for medium brightness ideal for living room lounging. Triple tap to reach full brightness to stay focused while working or reading.

The touch-sensor control is conveniently located right on the sturdy weighted base, making it simple to customize your lighting on the spot.

Keep Your Devices Powered Up

Never run out of power again with the built-in dual USB charging ports that live discreetly on the base of each lamp. Plug your phone, tablet, e-reader or other device directly into the USB port for convenient charging that continues even when the light is powered off.

With 2.1 amp current, the integrated USB ports juice up your electronics quickly. Charge two gadgets at the same time without tangling cords on your nightstand orcoffee table.

Modern Lighting with Timeless Warmth

The integrated LED bulbs included with these resin table lamps provide brilliant illumination that outshines traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. The LEDs produce zero flickering or harsh glare.

Tuned to a warm 2700K color temperature, the light appears pleasingly soft and natural – perfect for creating a calming retreat. Enjoy exceptional illumination and energy savings for over 25,000 hours of dependable daily use.

Take Your Lighting from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Elevate your interior lighting with the handsome form and high-tech functions of the RORIANO Modern Coastal Table Lamps. With just-right bedside lighting and charging built right in, these accent lamps provide both beauty and everyday utility.


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