SKYBD 6-Pack Wide Mouth Wooden Mason Jar Lids – Elevate Your Pantry with Rustic Acacia Wood Lids

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Tired of those boring metal lids on your mason jars? Give your pantry a rustic farmhouse upgrade with these beautiful wide mouth wooden lids by SKYBD. Crafted from natural acacia wood and designed to fit standard wide mouth Ball/Kerr mason jars, these lids add a touch of charm while keeping your dry goods fresh.

Acacia Wood Brings Natural Beauty

These round lids are made from durable and sustainably sourced acacia wood, known for its rich brown tones and unique natural grain. No two lids will look exactly the same due to the wood’s variations, giving your jarred goods a one-of-a-kind artisanal touch.

Acacia wood not only looks great on your countertops, but it’s also food safe and durably withstands daily use. Just hand wash and dry completely between uses to maintain the integrity of the wood.

Creates an Airtight Seal for Freshness

While beautiful, these wooden lids serve a practical purpose too. The inner silicone ring forms an airtight seal against standard wide mouth glass mason jars, keeping your dry bulk items fresh and secure. Use them to store flour, sugar, spices, coffee, snacks, dried fruit, baking ingredients and more while displaying them in style.

Fits Wide Mouth Mason Jars up to 3.8″ Diameter

No need to buy special jars! These wooden lid fit regular mason jars with a wide mouth opening up to 3.8 inches in diameter. They work with the typical Ball and Kerr jars found in most kitchens.

The 3 inch opening provides easy access for spoons and scoops while sealing in freshness. Keep your kitchen pantry organized by stacking filled jars with secure lids to maximize space.

Upgrade from Metal to Natural Wood

Ditch those boring metal lids and enjoy the aesthetic upgrade these wooden ones provide. Their warm, organic look complements any countertop and adds cozy farmhouse charm to your space.

Use them to display ingredients on your kitchen counter, package homemade gifts or dry goods for others, or organize your pantry. Their handsome looks even make them suitable for use outside the kitchen as decor.


  • Set of 6 wide mouth wooden lids to fit standard mason jars
  • Sustainably sourced natural acacia wood with unique grain
  • Food safe acacia wood construction
  • Inner silicone ring creates airtight seal
  • Fits 3 to 3.8 inch diameter wide mouth jars
  • Keeps bulk dry goods fresh and secure
  • Hand wash only to preserve wood integrity
  • Elevates kitchen counters and pantries with rustic flair
  • Can also be used as decor in any room

Enjoy the Beauty of Acacia Wood in Your Kitchen

These wide mouth wooden lids make it easy to incorporate natural wood aesthetics into your kitchen design. Their silicone seal keeps contents secure while the acacia wood adds rustic warmth and artisanal character to your dry goods.

Always hand wash the lids gently with warm soapy water and avoid soaking to prevent warping or damage over time. Allow to fully dry before using again for best preservation.

Give your pantry a stylish upgrade and keep your ingredients or gifts attractively sealed with this 6-pack of charming wood lids fitting wide mouth mason jars up to 3.8 inches across. Their uses are unlimited – use them on the counter, in the pantry, or anywhere you want to add a touch of farmhouse flair!

Tips for Using Your Wooden Mason Jar Lids

  • Hand wash lids before first use to remove any manufacturing residue
  • Check inner silicone seal is smooth and sits flat to ensure a good seal
  • Wipe jar rims clean before sealing to maximize seal
  • Store lids in a dry place to prevent warping or mold growth
  • Hand wash gently after use with warm water and mild soap
  • Do not soak lids to prevent damage or loosening of silicone
  • Dry lids fully laying flat before storing or reusing
  • Avoid harsh scrubbers that could scratch the wood grain
  • Check seals occasionally and replace if not sealing well
  • Not suitable for canning, preserving or wet storage

With proper care, these beautiful acacia wood lids will upgrade your dry ingredient storage with rustic style for years to come. Their good looks and airtight seal make jars of coffee, flour, spices and more a kitchen delight.


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