SOMKTN Space Dog Astronaut Star Projector – Galaxy Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker & White Noise Machine

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Transport Yourself to a Galaxy Far, Far Away with the SOMKTN Space Dog Astronaut Star Projector. This Innovative Night Light Doubles as a Soothing White Noise Machine, Immersive Bluetooth Speaker, and Mesmerizing Galaxy Projector.

Escape the Stress of Daily Life and Enjoy 21 Soothing Color Modes that Help You Relax and Unwind. Adjustable Brightness Levels Allow You to Set the Perfect Ambiance for Sleep, Meditation, or Just Admiring the Stars.

360° Adjustable Design Lets You Project a Galaxy Anywhere. Magnetic Connection Makes it Easy to Position the Space Dog’s Head at Any Angle. Fill Your Room or Ceiling with Stars, Nebulas, and Soothing Colors.

Built-in White Noise Machine Features 8 Realistic Nature Sounds to Promote Deep, Restful Sleep. Choose Between Twinkling Stars, Summer Nights, Streams, Waves, Birdsong, Rain, Lullabies, and Crackling Bonfires. The Auto-Timer Allows You to Drift Off to Your Favorite Sound.

Bluetooth Connectivity Lets You Stream Your Favorite Music Right to the Speaker. Enjoy Surrounding Yourself with Music and Color. Sound-Activated Mode Syncs the Lights with Your Tunes to Create a Dazzling Light Show.

The Perfect Gift for Space Lovers, Kids, and Anyone Who Needs Help Unwinding After a Stressful Day. An Immersive Sensory Experience that Transports You to a Peaceful Universe. Also Great for Parties, Bedrooms, Dorms, and Meditation Spaces.

This Futuristic Galaxy Projector Will Be the Highlight of Any Room. A Soothing and Entertaining LED Night Light Kids Will Love. An Ambiance Enhancer That Creates a Relaxing Environment Adults Will Appreciate. Let Your Creativity Shine with This Multifunctional Light.

SOMKTN Space Dog Key Features:

– 21 Soothing Color Modes – Immerse yourself in nebulas, galaxies, and softly glowing light. Adjust speed and brightness to your liking.

– 360° Adjustable Design – Position the projection at any angle using the magnetic connection between the dog’s head and body.

– Built-In White Noise Machine – 8 high-quality nature sounds help block distractions so you can relax or fall asleep faster.

– Bluetooth Speaker – Stream music wirelessly and enjoy built-in speaker’s crisp, immersive audio.

– Sound Activation – Colorful lights dance and change based on music rhythms and sounds.

– Remote Control – Easily adjust lighting modes, sounds, volume, brightness, timer, and more.

– Auto-Timer – Shut off automatically after 1, 2, or 4 hours.

– Rechargeable Battery – Powered by USB for convenient cord-free use.

– Compact Size – Just 5.5 x 5.3 inches. Project huge galaxies in small spaces.

– Durable Construction – Made from safe ABS plastic. Designed for long-lasting use.

– Kid Friendly – Entertains kids while helping them relax at bedtime. Encourages creativity and imagination.

– Versatile Uses – Perfect for bedrooms, dorms, parties, meditation, nurseries, and more. Great gift idea.

Experience the Sights and Sounds of Distant Galaxies

The SOMKTN Space Dog Astronaut Star Projector provides 360 degrees of mesmerizing intergalactic ambiance. Project swirling nebulas, glittering stars, and softly changing colors onto walls, ceilings, or anywhere else you wish. Enjoy 21 different lighting modes ranging from brightly colored galaxies to soft, dreamlike clouds.

Customize the experience with adjustable brightness and flow speed. Four levels of each allow you to set the perfect mood lighting for activities like sleep, studying, reading, parties, yoga, or just admiring the stars. The galaxy projector creates a soothing environment that transports you far from earthly worries.

8 Soothing Nature Sounds Promote Relaxation

Not only does the SOMKTN Space Dog provide visual relaxation, but it also features 8 high-quality nature sounds that promote mental calmness. Choose between summer night ambiance, ocean waves, light rain, twinkling stars, chirping birds, babbling brooks, peaceful lullabies, and a relaxing bonfire.

Turn on your favorite soundscape and let it wash your stresses away. The peaceful audio helps block distractions so you can sleep, meditate, read, or study more effectively. The auto-timer allows you to fall asleep to the serene sounds, with the projector turning off automatically after 1, 2, or 4 hours.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Sound-Activated Modes

In addition to the built-in white noise capabilities, the SOMKTN Space Dog also functions as an immersive Bluetooth speaker. Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Surround yourself with rich, crystal-clear audio for an even more captivating experience.

Switch to sound-activation mode to see a brilliant light show sync’d to the rhythms of your favorite tunes or other sounds in the room. The galaxy projector analyzes audio frequencies and changes the lighting colors and patterns based on what it detects. A clap of your hands produces a quick flash while loud bass notes generate surges of brightly swirling colors.

Easy Controls with the Included Remote

The included IR remote makes it easy to control every aspect of your galaxy projection experience. Switch between different lighting modes and speeds, adjust brightness, set timers, toggle between white noise or music playback, fine-tune volume, power on/off, and more. Conveniently adjust settings from anywhere in the room for personalized relaxation.

Endless Possibilities with 360° Adjustability

The SOMKTN Space Dog has a cleverly designed magnetic connection between the dog’s head and body. This allows you to easily adjust the projection angle a full 360 degrees for unlimited positioning options. Point the galaxy projection at the ceiling to feel like you’re sleeping under the stars. Angle it towards a wall to create an immersive planetary display. Place it on a tabletop and let the colors wash over you. Position it near a doorway or hallway to greet you with a nebula as you walk by. The possibilities are endless.

Compact Size Packs a Visual Punch

Measuring just 5.5 x 5.3 inches, this galactic night light takes up hardly any space while transforming any area into a starry oasis. Its compact footprint allows it to fit effortlessly in tight spaces like dorm rooms, shelves, desks, or kids’ bedrooms where floor space comes at a premium. Don’t let the small size fool you – this mini projector casts huge, bold visuals up to 23 feet away.

Endless Gift and Decoration Possibilities

The SOMKTN Space Dog Star Projector makes an exciting gift for kids, teens, astronauts, astronomers, sci-fi fans, or anyone who could use help relaxing and de-stressing. Its multifunctional design works great as a night light, meditation aid, party decor, or ambiance enhancer. Place it in your child’s bedroom to create a peaceful sleep environment that stimulates their imagination. Use it during yoga practice to surround yourself with tranquility. Or let its immersive sights and sounds provide a mental escape from life’s daily demands.

This versatile galactic projector is sure to be a hit at sleepovers, where kids can drift off to their favorite sounds and colors. It also makes parties and get-togethers more magical when used as mood lighting. Or give it to a loved one to help them unwind after a long, stressful day. No matter who you buy it for, the SOMKTN Space Dog is sure to provide hours of mesmerizing, galaxy-inspired relaxation.


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