Store and Display Your Slime Creations in These Cute Plastic Jars with Lids – 20 Pack of 4oz Clear Containers for Slime Making Supplies

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Let your creativity shine bright with these adorable round plastic jars perfect for storing and displaying your homemade slime creations! This set includes 20 4oz wide mouth jars and lids so you can package up plenty of fluffy, crunchy, sticky, glittery slime to gift or resell.

The clear smooth plastic lets your slime’s textures and colors pop. Screw on the clear lid to keep each creation air tight. The flat bottom gives slimes, putties, and clays a sturdy base to sit upright for dazzling display.

Create Endless Slime Possibilities to Fill Each Jar

Whip up cereal slimes embedded with colorful fruity cereal beads. Mix and stretch clear bases saturated with tiny foam beads till you achieve the perfect thick and glossy clear slime. Add neon glitter and glow in the dark stars to cosmic slimes with galactic colors. The options are endless for concocting different slime textures, scents, and styles to fill jar after jar.

Jars are Perfect for Gifting Homemade Slime Creations

Your one-of-a-kind slime recipes make excellent gifts for kids and teens. Surprise your bestie with a customized slime in her favorite hue. Thank teachers and neighbors with thoughtful DIY slimes. The jars make slime creations feel complete and extra special. Use ribbon to attach a handwritten label with the slime’s fun name.

Resell Your Unique Slime Creations

Show off your slime making skills at craft fairs and markets by selling your specialized homemade slimes packaged in these clear jars. Customers can see your imaginative slime designs and are more likely to buy them in the official containers. Use a tag or custom round sticker to brand your slimes.

Jars Have Multi-Purpose for Storing Arts and Crafts Supplies

The 4oz sized jars are perfectly portable to neatly organize and store all types of small arts and crafts supplies in your work station. Use them to hold paint brushes, puffy paints, stickers, sequins, buttons, beads, clay sculpting tools, mini markers, and more. The clear plastic lets you easily see inside to grab what you need for projects.

Wide Mouth Opening Makes Filling Jars a Breeze

The extra wide 2.2 inch diameter mouth gives you easy access to fill the jars with your handmade slime creations. Quickly scoop slime right from your mixing bowl into the jars. The opening is wide enough to easily squeeze in add-ins like miniature foam beads or shaved glitter flakes.

Leak-Proof Lids Lock in Freshness and Prevent Messes

The screw on lids provide an air-tight seal to lock in your slime’s moisture and prevent drying out. Lids stay securely in place when tipped upside down or shaken during transportation. No more sticky slime leaks or dried out putty! Lids keep the contents fresh longer.

Durable BPA-Free Plastic is Safe and Reusable

Made from BPA-free plastic, these jars are 100% food grade safe. They will not leach harmful chemicals into your slime over time. The durable plastic construction allows for repeated use. Clean used jars to look brand new.

Compact Size for Displaying and Travel

Each jar stands just 2.6 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide – the ideal compact size for displaying a variety slimes together. The portable size takes up little shelf space for storage or transporting slimes to friends’ houses and craft events. Toss jars in your purse or bag without weighing you down.

Endless Household Uses Beyond Slime Making

Aside from holding your slime masterpieces, these plastic jars have limitless uses around the home:

  • Store spices, seasoning blends, baking ingredients
  • Package homemade body scrubs, lotions, creams
  • Organize sewing supplies like buttons, ribbons, elastics
  • Hold hardware tacks, washers, and loose change
  • Store cotton swabs, cotton balls, bandages
  • Display Q-tips neatly in the bathroom

Buy With Confidence for Your Slime Making Fun

I’m so excited to offer this 20-pack of round 4oz plastic jars with lids for all your slime creating and storing needs. I take pride in providing top quality slime making supplies and excellent customer service. I want your slime making experiences to be fun and mess-free. Contact me any time with questions or concerns – I’m happy to help! Let your creativity loose and click add to cart now!


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