Superio Wicker Grey Mini Trash Can – Stylish 1.5 Gallon Step-On Garbage Can Perfect for Small Spaces

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Keep your home tidy and clutter-free with the Superio Wicker Grey Mini Trash Can. This small step-on garbage can is the perfect size for tight spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, under desks, patios, and more. The chic wicker design adds a decorative touch to any room.

The smooth, robust pedal allows for hands-free use. Simply step on the pedal to open the lid and dispose of trash. The lid closes automatically after use to contain odors. The pedal is engineered for durability and easy, convenient operation.

With a 1.5 gallon capacity, this miniature trash bin provides ample space for bathroom waste, office clutter, and other household refuse without occupying a lot of real estate. The plastic wastebasket is lightweight at just 1.1 lbs yet durable enough for daily garbage disposal.

Designed for quick, hassle-free cleaning, this step-on wastebasket has a removable inner liner that lifts out for fast emptying and wiping down. Keeping this little trash receptacle fresh takes just seconds.

Place this compact, functional waste bin anywhere you need a petite but powerful trash solution. The neutral wicker gray color complements any decor from modern to farmhouse chic. Stash it in the bathroom to manage beauty product waste, personal hygiene items, and other bathroom refuse. Put it under your work-from-home desk or in your home office to corral paper clutter, wrappers, and other deskside debris. Use it in the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, entryway, patio, and more. Wherever you need a tidy spot to contain trash in a compact footprint, this mini pedal bin delivers.

With its winning combination of a small size and large capacity, this step-on garbage pail is the ideal substitute for oversized, bulky trash cans. Stop struggling with giant wastebaskets that hog all your free space. This waste bin provides the handy hands-free operation you want without dominating your limited square footage. The petite silhouette tucks neatly out of sight.

Designed for Durability & Long Lasting Use

Built to endure repeated daily use, the Superio Wicker Grey Mini Trash Can is made of sturdy plastic that won’t crack, peel, or deteriorate over time. The durable foot pedal provides smooth, reliable operation that won’t weaken or break with regular opening and closing. This sturdy little garbage bin is in it for the long haul.

The decorative wicker weave design adds visual interest and transforms an everyday household essential into an attractive home accent. With its stylish facade, this garbage bin looks good in any space.

Why You’ll Love the Superio Wicker Grey Mini Trash Can:

– Small 1.5 gallon capacity perfect for tight spaces
– Stylish wicker weave design acts as a decorative accent
– Strong, smooth foot pedal for hands-free opening
– Removable inner liner for quick, simple cleaning
– Lightweight and durable plastic construction
– Neutral wicker gray color complements any decor
– Affordable price for a high quality product

Where to Use This Compact Step-On Trash Can

Bathroom – Keep cotton swabs, tissues, personal care waste, and other bathroom clutter contained.

Bedroom – Corral scrap paper, receipts, wrappers, and other bedroom refuse.

Home Office – Hold sticky notes, pens, paper clips, and other deskside and workstation clutter.

Kitchen – Contain food packaging, aluminum foil, leftover scraps, and other small kitchen trash items.

Laundry Room – Hold dryer lint, single socks, tags, and other laundry debris.

Patio – Manage snack wrappers, water bottle caps, and other outdoor refuse.

Entryway – Contain keys, mail, and other items dropped at the door.

The Superio Wicker Grey Mini Trash Can offers a hands-free, hassle-free solution for household waste in tight spaces. Ditch the oversized garbage cans that dominate your limited square footage. With its compact 1.5 gallon capacity, this step-on wastebasket tucks neatly out of sight wherever you need it. The decorative woven design adds subtle style to any space.

Take out the trash easily with a quick step on the durable pedal. The lid opens smoothly and then closes securely to contain odors. Removing the inner liner to empty contents and wipe clean takes just seconds.

This sturdy little garbage can is designed for longevity. Made from sturdy plastic, the pedal mechanism and overall construction is engineered to stay in great shape through years of daily opening and closing.

Love having trash disposal within arm’s reach? Hate taking up valuable space with bulky wastebaskets? The Superio Wicker Grey Mini Trash Can solves both problems. Get compact, convenient, hands-free trash management in a stylish, affordable pedal bin.


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