Transport Yourself to a Peaceful Universe with the Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector

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Feel like you’re gazing up at the night sky in the comfort of your home with the Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector. This versatile 3-in-1 galaxy projector creates a stunning starry scene on your walls and ceiling, provides soothing natural white noise, and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker for playing music – perfect for creating a serene ambiance to relax and unwind.

Spectacular Dual Aurora and Star Projection

At the core of this galaxy night light is the advanced dual projection system, which produces dazzling aurora lights and starry skies. Using a combination of red, green, blue and white LED lights, it projects up to 33 different nebula and northern lights effects onto your walls and ceiling.

Watch as the aurora gently ebbs and flows through 5 speed levels, mimicking the real northern lights. The starry background also has 5 brightness levels so you can customize the perfect balance. Use the included remote to easily switch between different light modes and adjust settings.

The dual projection lenses spread the lights across a wide area, immersing you in the night sky. Feel transported as the aurora and stars dance overhead. It’s like having your own personal planetarium!

8 Soothing Natural White Noise Soundscapes

In addition to the mesmerizing visuals, the galaxy projector features 8 non-looping white noise tracks designed to promote relaxation and sleep.

Choose from soothing natural sounds like ocean waves, summer night, light rain, forest birds and more. Let the gentle, steady sounds drown out distractions so you can find your zen. The white noise is perfect for winding down before bedtime or just creating a peaceful oasis anytime.

Not only does the white noise help adults relax, but it can be especially useful for lulling fussy babies to sleep. The natural sounds are soft and comforting.

Set the Ambiance with Bluetooth Music

Want to create the perfect atmosphere for a dinner party or movie night? Use the built-in Bluetooth speaker to stream music, podcasts or audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device like your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to the voice-control technology, the galaxy light has a special rhythm mode that responds to the music. The aurora and stars dance along with the beat, pulsing and swirling in sync.

The music and rhythmic lights combined create an incredibly immersive experience. Your friends will be amazed and want their own galaxy projector!

Compact Size Makes It Perfect for Any Room

Measuring just 5.5 x 5.5 x 7.3 inches, this LED galaxy projector has a conveniently compact elephant shape. It’s designed to sit stable on any flat surface so you can use it in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, dorms and more.

The projector casts light at over a 45° angle to cover large areas. Easily create a serene planetarium or dance club atmosphere in spaces up to 15′ x 15′.

Its small size also makes it super portable. Bring it along to use outdoors while camping or to add ambiance to parties.

Safe, Durable and Easy to Use

Constructed from quality ABS plastic, the projector housing is durable yet lightweight. It’s cool to the touch so you can safely use it in kids’ rooms without worry. The LED bulbs have a long 50,000 hour lifetime so you can enjoy the galaxy lights for years.

Controlling the projector is simple with the included remote. Easily turn the device on/off, switch projection modes, adjust brightness, volume and more from across the room. There are also buttons on the projector itself for basic functions.

For extra peace of mind, this galaxy night light is FCC, RoHS and CE certified. We also back it with a 45 day money back guarantee.

Create the Perfect Ambiance with This Versatile Galaxy Projector

With spectacular projection effects, soothing sounds and Bluetooth connectivity, the Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector is an immersive tool for relaxation and fun.

Transform any room into a soothing oasis or lively dance club. Use it to wind down at the end of a long day, lull a fussy baby to sleep, set the mood for a party or just marvel at the beauty of the northern lights.

The possibilities are endless with this multifunctional galaxy projector light. Order yours today and see the universe in a whole new light!


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