Wake Up to a Bright New Day with the EVILTO 180° Adjustable Projection Alarm Clock

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Rise and shine! Start your mornings off right with the EVILTO 180° Adjustable Projection Alarm Clock. This innovative alarm clock projects a crisp, clear 7.3” display onto your ceiling so you can check the time without lifting your head from the pillow.

The 180° rotating projector allows you to adjust the display to your ideal viewing angle, whether you want to read the time while lying in bed, sitting up to snooze the alarm, or from across the room getting ready for your day. You’ll never have to squint or strain your eyes trying to read tiny alarm clock numbers again.

With the simple press of a button, this digital alarm clock projects the time, temperature, and alarm settings in a soft LED glow. The adjustable projection arm tilts the display up to 90° in either direction for maximum visibility.

Three brightness settings allow you to customize the projection to your preferences. Use the super-bright display for daytime visibility or dial it down to a gentle glow for nighttime. For heavy sleepers, the extra-large numbers make it easy to see your morning alarm from anywhere in the bedroom.

In addition to projection capabilities, the EVILTO alarm clock pulls double duty as an FM radio with digital tuning. Scan for stations manually or let the auto-search function locate and save your favorite channels. With an adjustable volume range up to level 15, you can wake up to your favorite morning radio program or customize different alarm tones.

The projection alarm clock features dual alarms capable of independent times and alarm modes. Choose between buzzer and radio alarms with 9 minute snooze functionality. Activate one alarm for your normal weekday wake-up and set a different time for weekend sleeping in. With 12 and 24 hour time options, military/school schedules or international travelers can easily customize the display.

This LED alarm clock includes convenient USB charging ports to power up your phone, tablet, and other devices while you sleep. The easy-to-read display lets you know charging status at a glance. An automatic sleep timer allows you to drift off listening to music or talk radio; the clock will shut off at your selected time of 5-90 minutes.

With battery backup, you never have to worry about losing your alarm settings during a power outage. The EVILTO projection alarm will maintain all your preferences, even after the power comes back on. A low battery indicator light lets you know when it’s time to replace the backup battery.

The modern white clock body, dimmable LED screen, and minimalist digital display will complement any contemporary bedroom décor. Measuring just 5.3” x 2.4”, the projection alarm clock sits neatly on nightstands and shelves without taking up valuable space. Take it along when traveling to easily set alarms in hotel rooms and AirBnBs.

With a 4.5/5 star rating from over 3,000 reviews, the quality and reliability of the EVILTO alarm clock is backed by thousands of happy customers. EVILTO provides a lifetime replacement guarantee and hassle-free customer service if any issues arise.

Top Features and Benefits

  • 180° rotatable projection arm tilts display -90° to +90° for customized viewing angles
  • Crisp 7.3” LED display is visible up to 16 feet away
  • Auto-dimming technology adjusts display brightness based on ambient light
  • Three manual brightness settings: Bright, Medium, Dim
  • Dual customizable alarms with buzzer or FM radio wake-up options
  • Digital FM radio with 15 volume levels and auto-tune functionality
  • 9 minute snooze function for grabbing a few extra minutes of sleep
  • Sleep timer turns off radio after 5-90 minutes
  • 12/24 hour display options
  • LED charging indicator light shows charging status
  • USB charging ports power up smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • Battery backup retains settings during power failures
  • Modern and minimalist design looks great on nightstands and shelves
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee and U.S.-based customer service

Wake up happy and energized every morning with the versatile EVILTO 180° Projection Alarm Clock. The easy-to-read time projection eliminates squinting at tiny alarm clock displays. Customize the dimmable projection and alarm settings to fit your preferences. Plus, enjoy your favorite radio programs or alarm tones with the built-in FM radio.

With battery backup, auto time settings, and dual alarms, this feature-packed projection alarm clock has everything you need. The convenient built-in USB charger powers up your devices overnight. The sleep timer allows you to drift off to your favorite radio program or podcast. Modern styling fits any décor.

For the ultimate customizable projection alarm clock, choose the EVILTO. Order today and start waking up to clear, projected time displays!


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