WOPITUES Navy Blue Floating Shelves with Gold Guardrail, Set of 3 Wall Shelves for Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Living Room Decor

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Give your home a stylish display and extra storage with this set of 3 navy blue floating shelves from WOPITUES. The chic color and gold metal guardrails add a touch of modern elegance perfect for any room.

Superior Quality Construction for Years of Use

The shelves are handcrafted from natural solid pine wood, which is more durable and long-lasting than cheaper paulownia boards. The sturdy construction can easily hold up to 20 lbs on each shelf.

The included gold metal guardrails are forged from tough steel and coated to prevent rust. They add stability and securely hold items in place. No more worrying about your treasures falling off!

Functional & Decorative for Bathrooms

In the bathroom, these shelves are ideal for holding toilet paper, candles, cotton balls, extra hand towels, and other daily essentials. The metal guardrail prevents wet items from sliding off.

The chic navy blue color and gold accents add a decorative touch. Display your favorite soaps, lotions, perfumes, and more while complementing your bath décor.

Display Books, Photos & Decor in Bedrooms

Let your personality shine through in the bedroom with these stylish floating shelves. The guardrails keep picture frames, books, and nicknacks securely in their place.

The set of 3 provides plenty of space for displaying your favorite photos, art, souvenirs, and bedside reading. Give your decor a cohesive look by arranging items with similar colors and textures.

Extra Storage & Organization for Kitchens

In the kitchen, these shelves are perfect for stowing away spices, cooking oils, condiments, cookbooks, and small appliances. Keep your countertops clutter-free while adding a pop of color.

The guardrails help corral jars, canisters, utensils, and kitchen linens in place. Get organized with a shelves for baked goods, one for mugs/glasses, and one for fruit.

Show Off Houseplants & KnickKnacks in Living Rooms

Let your indoor plants thrive while showing them off in the living room. The guardrails prevent soil and water from dripping to keep your walls clean.

You can also display vases, candles, collectibles, small decor, and coffee table books. Arrange items symmetrically or asymmetrically across the shelves to suit your style.

Easy Installation Right Out of the Box

Mounting these floating shelves is simple with the included hardware and easy step-by-step instructions. Each shelf board has pre-drilled holes for a frustration-free setup.

All the materials needed for installation are conveniently packaged together. Simply follow the guide to securely affix the metal rails and shelf boards into your wall in just a few minutes.

Quality Guaranteed with WOPITUES Brand

WOPITUES is committed to providing excellent products and service. Our team is always ready to help if you have any questions or issues.

Bring function and style home with this set of 3 navy blue floating shelves. With quality construction meant to last for years, they make an elegant addition to any room.


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